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Howard Schultz

Tori Chapman

Tori Chapman

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Howard Schultz

Early Life Howard Schultz Born July 19th, 1953
Grew up in NYC under poor conditions
Attended Northern Michigan University- Bachelor in Communications Work Experience Began as a salesperson
Director of Marketing at a coffee bean shop (Starbucks Coffee Company)
CEO of Starbucks Coffee How Starbucks Began Schultz traveled to Milan, noticed street coffee shops
Wanted to open up chain of Coffee Cafes starting in the U.S
Made a small cafe called "II Giornale"
Later changed name to Starbucks Skills •Determination: He was determined to open up a Coffee Shop chain despite what the owners of the Coffee Bean company believed •Perseverance: He was raised in a poor setting, but knew what he had to do in order to become a successful business man in life •Dedication: He was dedicated to creating the largest coffee chain in the world, and did not stop until he achieved the goal Why Howard Schultz? •I had never heard of the owner of Starbucks, but wanted to learn more because it is such a staple in the United States Culture •He worked for multiple companies before his big Starbucks success such as working for Xerox, and later owned the Seattle Supersonics Bibliography
http://www.myprimetime.com/work/ge/schultzbio/ http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/biography/S-Z/Schultz-Howard-1953.html
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