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Lexi Kloiber

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Homeschooling

History Statistics 1993 350 BC 1980s Social
Impacts 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Pros More time spent with family
Less stress on student
More independent Cons Fewer resources available
Poorer curriculum
Poor social skills Overview What is homeschooling? An alternative to public, private or charter schools, homeschooling offers parents a unique way to provide their children with a specialized education that they know will benefit their children and give their children the information they will need in the real world. Socializing Heading Back to School Social impact
new environment
Re-learning normal behaviors
Self-esteem Over 1.5 million in U.S. alone
Highest rate in California
Homeschooled students test better on ACT & earn more college credits Why do parents choose to homeschool their children? Religious
Educational Your Questions 1. How does homeschooling affect a child's social development?

2. Why do some parents choose homeschooling over public schools?

3. How do homeschool kids learn social skills?

4. Why do some parents choose to stop homeschooling after a certain point?

5. Is it not possible to send a child to school and teach them at home as well?

6. What is the effect homeschooling has on a child? Homeschooling Personal Views Alexis Kloiber
EDU - 1010 Bibliography 1830s mid 1960s Alexander the Great is the first known case of homeschooling. Abraham Lincoln received 18 months of schooling at home. Homeschooling
begins Home education is legal in every state. *when compared to public school What is homeschooling?
Social Impacts
Pros & Cons
Personal Views Advantage of public schools
Social networks
i.e. Facebook
Commitment of parent
weight gain Being homeschooled myself for a brief period of time, I believe that a parent does have the right to educate their child the way they choose to, but that that parent has to be committed to their child in order to provide that education. 2001 No Child Left Behind Act 2008 California state case: validation of homeschool teachers Butler, S. (2000, September). The "h" word: Home schooling. Gifted Child Today, 23.5, 44.

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