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Nazi Germans Research

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on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Nazi Germans Research

Budapest San Francisco The SA, SS, and Nazis were represented in the German/Nazi group, with Hitler as the leader. The Nazis. The SA (short for Sturmabteilung) were followers who protected Hitler personally and protected secret Nazi meetings. They eventually began attacking and disrupting rival group meetings. The SS (short for Schutzstaffel) were basically Hitler’s policemen. They handled local police matters and “racial matters". They were the ones who carried out Hitler’s “bidding". Nazi Party Members included anyone who followed Hitler’s beliefs. It included members of the SS, SA, and all citizens who agreed with what Hitler was doing. All Nazis were identified with red armbands around their arms that had a swastika symbol on it. SS in large cities and towns wore all black military uniforms. The SS that worked in concentration camps wore large, brown coats with visor caps. The soldiers, on a regular basis, would beat people who worked slowly to death. They would torture women and children for fun and force some people to commit suicide. By: Chris, Sydney, Victoria, Riley, and Payton Their sole purpose was to keep prisoners as weak as possible, but still alive so that riots and uprisings were prevented. The SS soldiers got an abundance of food. They ate better when they were at home, but what they had to eat wasn’t nearly as bad as what the prisoners had. Every day they had food such as beef stew and other nutrient-rich foods to keep them healthy. The SS also had large living quarters they could bunk in. They had blankets, fires, and beds. It is estimated that a soldier’s life was 20x easier than a prisoner’s life in the camps. Jews' Sleeping Area SS/Nazi Sleeping Area 20,000 Nazi soldiers were located throughout each concentration camp. The Nazi soldiers killed roughly 11 million people during the Holocaust. Out of those, 6 million were Jews and 5 million were gypsies, mentally handicapped, etc. 1.5 million out of the 6 million Jews that were killed were children. After the war, the party was outlawed in Germany. Many lower and mid-level former Nazis took up government, civil service, or teacher positions in Western Germany. Many higher ranking Nazis were executed or imprisoned. There were also trials held to determine the fate of the Nazis, such as the Bergen-Belsen trials, trials in Poland, and the trials at Nuremberg. Some fled the country, many going to South America. Other
Nazis went mainly to Argentina, Paraguay, or Brazil. Some found shelter there and
lived comfortably for the rest of their lives. In eastern Germany, the Soviets took over and many ex-Nazis were confined or sent to Soviet
camps in Siberia and never returned. Almost every day, the Nazis would get a daily quota of amount of prisoners they had to kill that day. Do's of a Daily Nazi Life The main don’ts of the Nazis were to not give any sympathy to prisoners or take pity on them. They were to never help them survive in any way.

The Nazis were not allowed to give any of their extra food to the prisoners. Don'ts of a Daily Nazi Life Hitler wiped out 2/3 of all
Jews who lived in Europe
by the end of the war.
Most of these Jews were
killed during the Final
Solution. At one point in the war, Hitler decided to make a backup plan known as the Final Solution. If he could not get "impure" races to leave Germany, he would kill them off. The Hitler Youth encouraged many people
to become Nazis because children were being taught, from a young age, that killing was alright and to be a Nazi would bring you pride. Jews, Gypsies, and the handicapped were seen as a serious biological threat to the purity of the German (Aryan) Race and therefore had to be exterminated. The Hitler Youth prepared young men for joining the Nazis as soldiers and young women for motherhood. By 1936, it was expected that a child would join the Hitler Youth once reaching age 13-14. When the races did not leave, Hitler decided to carry out the Final Solution. The Nazis' main goal was to kill and torture the prisoners of the concentration camps to a point where the remaining prisoners would lose all hope of living. The Nazis had to force the prisoners to work until they were too weak, fainted, or died. If a prisoner did so while on the job, a Nazi had to beat them to the point of death. If a prisoner did not fulfill their job, they were killed.
The Nazis were to switch the water in the prisoners’ showers from boiling hot to freezing cold and sometimes even from water to poisonous gas. Each ghetto would be run by a Judenrat (Jewish ghetto leader) who would be in charge of day-to-day activities in their assigned ghetto. Judenrats were also expected to compile a list of peoples' names to be deported to the extermination camps. The strong-willed Judenrats would refuse to give names to the Nazis. They would be shot immediately after refusal. The Nazis blamed the Jews for Germany’s loss in World War I, its economic issues, and for the spread of Communist parties throughout Europe. Slavic people, Poles, Russians, and others were also considered subordinate. The Germans planned to make them work as slave labor for their German masters. Communists, Socialists, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and Freemasons were persecuted, imprisoned, and often killed. The Nazis believed that Germans were racially superior and there was a struggle for survival between themselves and subordinate races. The Nazis enjoyed using tactics to trick prisoners
as well. Many times a prisoner would go into the
showers expecting a hot shower, but poisonous gas would suddenly pour out of the shower heads. The Nazis also set up ghettos where the "impure" races were to be kept until they were eventually shipped to extermination camps. The Judenrats were in charge of the distribution of food, water, heat, medicine, and shelter to all those living in their ghetto. There was a lot of pressure on young Germans to join the Nazis once they had reached age 18. Hitler had abolished all other youth programs except for the Hitler Youth. Hitler did this because he knew the future of Germany was the children. Boys (by the end of their Hitler Youth training) would be expected to know how to march, throw grenades, do bayonet drills, dig trenches, read maps, use dugouts, get under barbed wire, shoot a pistol, and use gas. Women were expected to be able to run 60 meters in 14 seconds, throw a ball 12 meters, complete a 2 hour march, swim 100 meters,
and know how to properly make a bed. The Final Solution started around 1941. This was when the Nazi death camps were set up (ex. Auschwitz), and when there were mass graves
for the prisoners. Hitler had originally intended to clean Germany of "impure" races by taking away all of their
citizen rights and treating them unfairly. He
had hoped that the races would leave because
of inequality and hoping for a better life elsewhere. The Nazi Party was a party in Germany many thought of as evil and selfish. They blamed most of their problems on others and thought of themselves as the highest race. Introduction Conclusion The Nazi Party was one of the most cruel parties in history. They thought highly of themselves and blamed everybody else for what was going on in Germany.
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