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The Neolithic and Urban Revolutions

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Julie Jenkins

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The Neolithic and Urban Revolutions

The Neolithic and Urban Revolutions
shift in subsistence strategies occurring between 15,000-12,000 B.P.
Neo-lithic Revolution
-independently developed in Middle East, North & South China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern US, Central Mexico, & Southern Andes
Why did food production begin in the Middle East?
Did this lead to a sedentary lifestyle?
How did food production enter into Europe?
Was food production via agriculture "progress"?
- centralized political system, governed through a chief
-hereditary position
-centralized political system, with a bureaucracy
-elite, bureaucracy, populace
How do we know that ranked chiefdoms existed in the Middle East?
What factors contributed to state formations? How does this relate to the Inca state?
What do excavations of Roman villas tell us about the Roman economy and social stratification?
Why do states collapse? Why did the Mayan state collapse?
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