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Peyton Bowen

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Apple

Disney Apple Starbucks 7 Marketing Principles Physical Environment Chik-fil-a Physical Environment Price Process Promotion Place Price people promotion process Product process product promotion Google Promotion Process People Price Physical Environment Process Product Promotion People Physical Environment Price Place Disney uses commercials,
special coupons and discounts,
tv shows and more to advertise
that it is the most magical place
on Earth. Place Customers text, call, browse, and play games on Apple devices. Customers buy the product at a store either with the contract fee or without the contract fee, contracts usually last two years. They can find it at several locations such as At&t, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, etc. Parts get made in China and they product is assembled in California then it is shipped out to thousands of locations to sell. People The workers at apple are very well educated and dress in a cool, nerdy way to a attract their audience They have price decoy. They will sell their ipod touch for $229- $399. The people spend the $229 because they think it's a deal compared to the highest price version when they could get an Iphone 4 for the lower price of $199 with more features. physical environment Chik-fil-a is known for their kid friendly environment. The atmosphere is kind of plain with loud talking and kids running around. Customers also have the choice of taking it and eating where they choose. Price Regular chicken sandwiches are $2.75 but if you want something extra or something added to your sandwich the price goes up. Kids meals are cheaper but they come with less than the food on the regular menu. There is a factory that ships the food to all the Chik-fil-a restaurants around the world. The cooks at the restaurants cook and fry the food. The food is ready for the customers when they get there. The customers come and order the food and then stay and eat or leave with it. place The Apple stores have a cool vibe to them. The stores are in all white with a metallic look to them. It makes it look more futuristic. All the stores you can find cool, nerdy, electronic vibes. If you are a loyal customer to your phone company they give you discounts and upgrades so you pay less for the new iphone. For holidays they lower the prices or give you a longer time to pay for the device. product Apple has anything electronic. They have newest laptops to the nicest iphones to the coolest ipad. If you don't want any of those you can get an itouch. They have devices that play your music out loud. You can also buy accessories to go along with your device. You think you're getting a deal with the Itouch but now the Iphone cost almost as much with more acessories. Place Google is free to anyone seeking information about anyting. Google uses ads to get money. Google takes you to other websites that involve that involve what you're researching. To work at google you have to be smart and know what you are doing. They don't just hire anyone. The employers are well trained and educated. Product Google has different search engines you can use to find info. As long as you have internet you can get on google. Chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and chicken strips. They have different sauces to go along with their chicken. You can also buy a handspun milkshake. The fast food chain is found all over the world. People can either go thru the drive thru and order, place an order over the phone, or they can go inside and order. You have the option of sitting down and eating or taking it home. They have days where if you dress up you get a free chicken sandwiches. Kids can turn in their free gift and get an ice cream cone. They give out coupons and give free sauce with every meal. People Their staff is very friendly and provide the customers with all their needs. They have a casaul uniform that looks like any other fast food outfit. Disney has certain times where people get discounts and ythey have weekends dedicated to certain things. They have package deals to stay there and go to the parks. The people consume disney's products by consuming their products and paying to get into all of the parks. The people that work at Disney really embrace their character and make the magic come to life. The environment gives off a fun, happy place where you feel like nothing is wrong.It is a very magical place. Disney has a lot of family packages that make the people believe that they are getting a good deal but in return they are still paying to get into the park and eat. The products are the rides, the souvenirs, and the food. There is are 3 Disney parks they are in Florida, California, and Paris. Google creates a search engine that makes searching the internet easy and fast. Google receives its money through advertisements and stocks, and is now a multimillion dollar company. Google's headquarters is very bright and colorful place but to work there you have to be highly qualified. Google's headquarters is in California, but the Google website page can be used anywhere in the world, with internet connection. They have their cafe all over the world. The people will receive their drink or food by ordering though drive-thru or at the ordering area and then handed to them after it is ready. Starbucks has coffee, tea, pastries, and small sandwiches. The price depends on the size, type, and product that goes into the drink. The people are dressed in a causal, friendly attire. The environment is quiet and nice for a place to work and study. Starbucks has a gold card that has special discount and rewards to the people who own it.
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