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Medieval Apothecaries

No description

Sydney Scott

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Medieval Apothecaries

Who Were Medieval Apothecaries?
Apothecaries are people who prepared and sold drugs legally
They were they ancestor of the modern day General Practitioner (GP)
Apothecaries can also be people who sell wine, spices, and herbs
What Did Apothecaries Do?
Apothecaries mixed different compounds according to specific health needs of a patient
Medical Knowledge
Medical Knowledge in the Middle Ages was very limited
Most of Medieval Europe's understanding of medical knowledge came from Ancient Greeks such as, Hippocrates
Hippocrates believed that when black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phlegm (the four humours) were in balance the body was healthy
If the four humours levels were off, then apothecaries would prescribe a range of herbs and treatments.
Bad diet, bad air, or overexposure to certain elements could cause the humours to be out of balance
Thanks For Watching!
Origins of Apothecaries
The apothecary goes back to ancient China, later they appeared in Baghdad, the they came to Medieval Europe
Medieval Apothecaries and Medical Knowledge
The Byzantine Empire had a lot more knowledge in medicine than the middle ages, and the wrote down more of their discoveries of then Medieval times. Also, as I mentioned earlier apothecaries didn't spread to the Byzantine Empire.
Why Did I Choose This Topic?
I choose this topic because Mr.Rubin suggested it to me because I couldn't find much information on my original topic (Ciompi Revolts) and if I don't go to law school or a performing arts school, I would want to study to become a P.A. so I was very interested in apothecaries and what they were.
This is an apothecary doing his job
(British Science Museums)
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