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spray on skin by Caitlin

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of spray on skin by Caitlin

spray on skin by Caitlin
The process of spray on skin

In 1993 Dr.Wood and Maria Stoner were given a grant to begin their skin culture and research program for spray on skin. The process of the spray on skin begins by taking a small skin sample from the patient in a area where the skin is undamaged, probably the size of a postage stamp. This process significantly reduces recovery time and scaring.
Did this event change the lives of people in Australia? In the world?
spray on skin started in Australia in 1993 now it is being used world wide saving over 1000 peoples lives by reducing The deadly infections Which could cause to death.

How did this event effect how Australia developed as a nation? Did this event cause lasting changes?
This event has made lasting changes because it is still saving peoples lives today.The spray on skin played a key role in treating burns victims from the 2002 Bali bombing.
Why do you think this event is important in Australian History

This event is important in Australian history because Fiona wood invented spray on skin which has saved over 1000 lives in Australia and other countries world wide. With out spray on skin thousand of lives would be lost to a burn.
Fiona Wood
In 2003 Fiona Wood was awarded Member of the order of Australia. She was also voted Australian's most trusted person for six successive years and has been recognized as a Australian living treasure. Without Fiona Woods spray on skin today thousand of peoples lives would of lost their lives to a burn
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