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Chinese Calligraphy

ISA staff development group, Brad, Aly, Travis, Pamela

Pamela Valentine

on 10 August 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Calligraphy

Styles of Calligraphy
Zhuanshu (Seal script) - used for engraved inscriptions
Lishu (Clerical Script) - used for stone inscriptions
Kaishu (Regular Script) - basis modern Chinese type
Cao shu (Cursive Script) - contains strokes that are reduced to curves and dots
Xingshu (Running Script) - and is asemi-cursive script
Simplified - was introduced in 1956 to make it easier for peasants to learn to read
Legend of Calligraphy
Cangjie was charged by asked bsy Emperor Huangdi to come up with characters (2600 BC)
If Cangjie could capture in a drawing the characteristics that set apart each and everything on earth, this would truly be the perfect kind of character for writing.
It was said that on the day the characters were born the Chinese heard the devil mourning and saw crops falling like rain as it marked the begining of the world.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese character

Calligraphy Evolves

Calligraphy: The Way of Writing Comparison of English to Chinese Characters:
English alphabet is shown being written
Text saying, 26 Characters in English alphabet
To read a newspaper in Chinese requires the knowledge of around 3,000 characters; a well educated person is familiar with about 5,000; a professor with perhaps 8,000.
More than 50,000 characters exist all in all, most of them rarely used
Ceramic images from San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, Texas. International School of the Americas Staff Retreat 2010
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