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Lead On! (Leadership Skills)

A basic tutorial on the importance of leadership, the different leadership styles, and the skills and qualities needed to be a good leader.

Autumn Derrick

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of Lead On! (Leadership Skills)

A path to your future!
Lead On!: Leadership Skills
Good leadership is often the fuel of progress in a business, organization, or movement.

Leadership roles look good on college and job applications.

Leadership roles can shine a light on your personal strengths.

Good leaders can change the world!
Good Leadership is important because:
Student Council, Beta Club officers, sports team captains, or band captain.

Shift leaders, Team leaders, Assistant Manager, or Manager

Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Watch, or committee officers
Leadership Roles
Leadership Styles
What would you do…
As a leader, what would you do if one of the people under you was struggling to finish a project that you could easily finish on your own?
What would you do…
As a leader, what would you do to make sure that everyone was given the proper tasks to match their skill sets?
Skills and Qualities of a Good Leader
1. Good listener
2. Persuasive
3. Empathetic
1. Committed to growth and the building of a community.

2. Always strives to help others succeed.

3. Cares more about personal and professional growth of the people around them than money and power
Free Reign/ "Hands Off"
Professional Decision Maker
Rarely, if ever, asks opinions
of the team

Group members are rarely trusted
with important tasks

Dictate all work methods
and processes
Shared Decision Maker
Genuine in seeking other
group members input

Effectively delegates tasks to
the people who best fit the role

Helps others realize their own potential
and encourages them to become leaders
"One of the group"
Material Provider
Confident in group members
Group members have complete
freedom to make decisions

Provides materials for group
to accomplish goals

Fully trusts group members
with all tasks
Things to Remember
You can be a leader anywhere
School, work, your own community

Good leadership is the fuel of progress and it can shine a light on your strengths

You may encounter any of the three typical leadership styles
Free Reign

What would you do...
As a leader, what would you do if your group members were arguing over a decision that needed to be made for work?

Exit Survey
Please follow this link and complete the exit survey to complete this workshop:

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