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Mood--Positive vocab

Positive words that affect readers' mood.

Jacquelyn Tupa

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Mood--Positive vocab

AMUSED CONTEMPLATIVE CONTENT ECSTATIC EMPOWERED ENTHRALLED EXHILARATED GIDDY LIGHT-HEARTED OPTIMISTIC RELIEVED SYMPATHETIC MOOD THE EMOTIONAL EFFECT THAT THE TEXT CREATES FOR THE AUDIENCE. THE WORDS YOU CHOOSE CREATES Someone who is giddy is lighthearted, giggley, thinks everything is funny; impulsive. A sympathetic person feels sorry for someone else. An exhilerated person is elated, cheery, animated. An amused person is pleasurably entertained or occupied. An ecstatic person is enthusiastic and overjoyed. A relieved person is at ease, comfortable, and satisfied. A contemplative person to considers thoroughly/deeply, and/or thinks things through completely. A person who is enthralled is captivated, in awe, amazed, or facinated. Empowered people can give power and authorize. They are in charge. Someone who is light-hearted is cheerful and carefree. An optimistic person sees the glass as half full; they are positive and believe in the best. Content people are satisfied with who they are or what they have; they are not wanting more.
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