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Student Event Planners Association

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Ali Alatas

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Student Event Planners Association

How to Start a

Submit a Chapter Interest Form to SEPA
Verify the requirements to start a student organization at your school
Generate an interest list of 10-15 potential members and/or officers
Find an advisor
Submit documentation to your school and SEPA
Submit a Chapter Interest
Form to

Verify the Requirements to Start a Student Organization at Your School
Generate an Interest List of 10-15
Potential Members and/or Officers

Find an Advisor
Submit Documentation to
Your School and

Important to Note
The SEPA Board of Directors will assist you throughout the process of establishing a chapter at your school and beyond

You will be given access to all of the resources and training that you and your officers will need to establish and lead a successful chapter

Depending on your network and pace, most chapters launch within 1-3 months

We look forward forward
to welcoming you to

You will be assigned a Chapter Development Director on the SEPA Board of Directors who will be your point-of-contact
You will be given access to resources that you will need to get your chapter started
Do a search on your school website
Call, email or drop by your campus activities office

Typical requirements, include:
Three executive officers: President, Vice President and Treasurer
An advisor
Bylaws (will be provided by SEPA)
Of the 10-15 interested members, you will need eight to fill the officer positions:
Opportunities Coordinator
Vice President
Outreach Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator
You will be given access to an online officer application
If your school has a hospitality, communications, interior design, fashion merchandising, or marketing program, we suggest reaching out to those professors first
You may also reach out to your campus activities office for advisor recommendations
You will be given access to template e-mails to send to potential advisors at your school
Once you are recognized as a student organization at your school, you will submit a Chapter Update Form to SEPA along with your officer roster
Once the Chapter Update Form is submitted, your chapter will be added to the SEPA website and will be recognized as an active chapter of SEPA
SEPA will then setup accounts for your chapter: e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, and will upgrade your privileges/access to additional chapter resources
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