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Why Books Are Better Than TVs

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laura dowdy

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Why Books Are Better Than TVs

Why Books Are Better Than TVs
This prezi is about how books are better than TVs
Books make you smarter (not all of them) Most will dazzle your mind. One that dazzled my mind was the foot book (I was young when i read it.) so if your 6 read the foot book :)
now you know...
dont choose TV books are better they are fun and dont cause you to be fat :) live life in the best way... and have fun!!!!!!
this is what you'll look like if you watch lots of TV
TV makes you dumb. TV makes you fat. So if you want no family watch lots of TV also it makes you bad in sports. So if you want a bad life, watch TV. Books might give you a head ache but that's you learning. Be smart. Be safe.
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