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Copy of Food & Beverage Concept

Selection of Plates, Cutlery, Crystal Glasses, refreshemnt of the Food and Beverage Concept

Caro Caro

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Food & Beverage Concept

The Concept 90 % from Local Food suppliers

Traditional Foods with New Techniques

Fresh from the Grill

Warm bread from the oven

Classic/Elegant but with a Modern touch The Food & Beverage Concept “The Mediterranean Grill of Kaliningrad” The ambience of the Grill of Kaliningrad, will have a Warm, Comfortably Stylish Vibe.

Based on the design of “Rural Elegance” and a great lighting, smell and music concept we will achieve this ambience
…Creating the feeling and mood of the ”Grill” from day to night, from summer to winter Ambience Day Time = Light and Airy Plate Style "Monaco"

MODERN Plate Style "Spyro"

MODERN Plate Style "Maisons Du Monde"

HOMIE Plate Style "Prairie"

RURAL Plate Style "Aspen"

CLASSIC Tea Set Style for Room Service Switch 3 "Due oro Nero" "Ginevra" "Leonardo" "Event" "Revolution" Evening = Rich and Warm Juan´s Menu Tasting Buen Provecho! Enjoy! ¨Celebration¨ Kaliningrad Tasting Menu - Kaliningrad Prueba de Menú Brave Potatoes - Patatas Bravas

Prawns & Tomatoes Cold Soup - Gazpacho Tibio de Gambas

King Crab Ravioli & Cauliflower Foam - Ravioli de Txangurro con Espuma de Coliflor

Soft Meat in classic Demiglace & Foam of Potatoes - Carrillera de Ternera en Demiglace Clásica

Classic & Modern Shashliks - Shashliks Clásico y Moderno

Cappuccino Tiramisú - Cappuccino Tiramisú

Bread Chocolate & Tabasco - Pan Chocolate y Tabasco We Hope you enjoyed the food?

Which one was your favorite plate? Cutlery Crystal
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