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Taylor Chinchar

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Retailing_Sephora

Taylor Chinchar History Of Sephora Sephora's unique, open-sell environment features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare, color, fragrance, body, smilecare, and haircare, in addition to Sephora's own private label.
The NAICS system is health and personal care stores.
Sephora has 1,300 stores in 27 countries world wide.
The web address is: sephora.com
Sephora is a visionary beauty-retail concept founded by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970. Channels Of Distribution The channel of distribution for Sephora is an indirect channel. Target Market The primary target market for this store are mostly women, or teenage girls.
Target Market Profile
Most women, young women and teenage girls love makeup, or skin and hair products. They feel as if it is a necessity to have them, this is why they are the target market for Sephora. Sephora has a variety of all of those products. So when the retailers spend more money on more products they expect women to come in and buy the new products.
A competitive advantage that Sephora has is that it has all different beauty products from all different companies. It has a huge variety. Psychographics Demographics Geographics The store Sephora has a specific gender for their target market, they also have a certain age too. This store is for women, specifically women that are old enough to wear makeup, or try out different hair and skin products. So I would not say that this store is for toddlers, or little girls. The girls must be older. The customers income is important too. Most of the products in sephora are not cheap. So their target market has to be able to afford their merchandise. Their target market would have to have interest in hair, skin, and makeup products. If they didn't, they would not have an interest in Sephora. The target market also depends on the attitude of the customer. Does the customer like spending money on beauty products? Do they like to wear makeup and spend time using all of these products? If so then they are the perfect target market for Sephora. The location of the store matters to the customers. If the store is too far away from the customers, then they might not be up to driving all the way to it. When the store is trying to find a location they try to see who is living in that area. That way they will know if their target market will be near them. Product Benefits: Sephora will make sure that it has what the customer needs. They will provide what they know will satisfy their target market. Planning Merchandie Staple Merchandise Fashion Merchandise Seasonal Merchandise Convenience
Merchandise Location The location of sephora can be at shopping centers or strip malls.
Advantages of this location
A lot of people stop at strip mall and shopping centers, so there is a good chance that they will have a good amount of customers.
Disadvantages of this location
Sometimes stores cannot afford the rent of the area they want. So when they start off at a shopping center and end up not being able to afford the rent then they would have to close the store and move to a different location. Store Layout 1. The personality of the store is very lively.
The design and layout of the store seem to be categorized and color coordinated.
They always have music playing. It is usually up tempo.
The lighting is somewhat dim, but not too much.
2. I would say that the store layout would be the spine layout.
Sephora would have best merchandise. They put out their newest and most popular merchandise to attract their customers in.
The spine layout is good for this store because they can categorize their items in an organized way. VISUAL MERCHANDISING Open Display Point of Sale Store Decoration Retail Careers Sales Manager: You would need leadership skills. You would need to have knowledge about all of the products in the store. Your responsibility would be to make sure that the customers are satisfied.
Sales Associate: You would have to be outgoing. Your responsibility is to help out the customer as much as you can, to do this you're going to have to know everything about what you are selling. You're going to make sure you know about all the sales as well.
Cashier: As a cashier you're going to have to make sure that you know how to work the register. You're also going to have to make sure that you know about the sales as well.
Promotional Mix Sales Promotions: Sephora provides all different kind of sale promotions. The whole store is full of free samples that people can use.
Sales Events: A sale event that sephora does a lot is putting a lot of merchandise on sale for a limited amount of time.
Premiums: Sephora gives out a mirror with some purchases, or a free sample of makeup.
ADVERTISING STRENGTHS Weaknesses A weakness that sephora has is that some of the make up that they do sell is being sold in Walmart, or some other store for a cheaper price A strength that Sephora has is that they have make up that is from all over the world. There are also stores all over the world. It is a huge company and it is very well known.
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