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3001 Group Activities

No description

William Morgan

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of 3001 Group Activities

Group C&E Content

10 minute presentation which includes
an overview of content
Everyone must participate in presentation
Identify each person's group role by 10/1
1 Prezi Slide to include:
Topic Statement
CC Reading, Writing/ES Goal, Objectives
Prior Knowledge, Skills, Summative Assessment
Teaching Strategies
Activities identified: Bloom's, Gardner's, Primary Sources
A list of resources
Technology identified


Due 10/8
Common Core:
Use primary documents/have copies
Develop Source Analysis Activities
evelop Writing Activities

Bloom's Taxonomy:
There are to be 6 lessons-one
for each order of thinking skills
Develop MI strategies that will address
all 8 intelligences
Use 21st C skills to teach and to learn the content
September 2012 www.SASCurriculumPathways.com | Subscribe | Unsubscribe


SAS® Curriculum Pathways® features a wide array of resources that add an interactive, critical-thinking element to election-year studies.

Our civics curriculum targets key election issues: political parties, taxes, government spending, foreign relations, immigration, and so on. For example, the Interactive Tool Income Taxes and Fairness examines the tax system and the comparative advantages and disadvantages of progressive, proportional, and regressive taxation.

For the campaign itself, our resources can guide and shape discussion with facts and analysis. All civics teachers face the complex challenge of helping students understand the presidential election system. The Electoral College Interactive Tool explains both the history and mechanism of this complex process.

So as you plan election-related lessons in the coming weeks, make sure SAS Curriculum Pathways is your first stop.

New Social Studies Tool-Based Lessons

Looking for unique geography resources? Tool-based lessons use the Interactive Atlas and other Interactive Tools to investigate such diverse topics as the Federal Reserve, the California Gold Rush, and Imperialism in Asia and Africa. Lessons include student directions, web links, embedded resources, and any required handouts. Tool-based lessons help your students find their way around the world.

Presentation Groups/Topics:
1. Rights and Responsibilities
Adams, Anskis, Ballance A, Ballance C

2. Constitutional Roots/Foundations:
Barton, Beck, Bell, Buie

3. US Political Culture/2 Party System:
Cody, Dale, Darden, Fallahee

4. State and local Government:
Hamby, Howard, Jacks, Kimball

5. Legal System:
Laney, Lynch, Lyons, Mason

6. Criminal & Civil Justice:
Moore, Moss, Scott, Sparrow

7. Economics & Economic Concepts
Taylor, Thigpen, Walls, Webb, Woodard

Safari or Internet Explorer
Civics Today
Student Edition online
User: CT2005
Password: 45rutapr
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