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Innohme Oy Financial Statements 2016

No description

Tuomas Tahvanainen

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Innohme Oy Financial Statements 2016

Innohome Oy
Financial Statements 2016

Profit and loss
Gross Margin
1. Structural changes - New law practices coming
2. KPI's
3. Profit and loss statement
4. Balance sheet
5. Notes to the Financial Statements
6. Auditing
7. Invitation to AGM
Structural Changes
Finnish Accounting Act changed in beginning of 2016
Financial Statements prepared under Small and micro-enterprises ordinate
No major changes to Innohome Financial statements
Notes shortened majorly
Only key information included
True and fair view
Non-balance sheet Liabilities
Information of option scheme (non issued shares)
Equity specification
Adequacy of assets and calculation of distributable equity
Boards proposal on the use of distributable equity
Gross margin 1 898k€ (53.6 %) +1.2 %-units
Write offs from inventory 41k€ -1.1 %
Guarantee reserve 97k€ -2.7 %
Gross margin with out accounting items 2 036k€ (57.4 %)
Financial items
Income 7.5k€
From deposits 1.3k€
Interest funds 6.2k€ (sold)
Costs 9k€
Tekes loans 8k€
Other 1k€ (tax and other penalties)
Taxes 5.6k€ from tax audit
Balance sheet
All development expenses cleared
Patent applications 108k€ (total 28 applications)
Total balance sheet value 132k€
R&D machinery 24k€ balance sheet value
Moulds 36k€ balance sheet value
Last year activated
Sales receivables above regular level
Inventory value increased to 505k€
Long term loans 201.5k€
New loans for 2017 planned 175k€
Tekes Capital loans 102K€ paid off 2016
Guarantee reserve 96k€ - new item!
Notes for Statements
Shortened to match new regulation
Less information about
Principles and methods
Non-Balance sheet liabilities increased
Relating manufacturing
Pre-review for the figures done
No changes or further analysis need detected
Presenting issues (notes) and administration under process
No planned date given for the issuing auditors statement
Expected standard Auditors Report
AGM Date?
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