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Exploring the Diversity of Life

No description

Educurious Team

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Exploring the Diversity of Life

Exploring the Diversity of Life
Modules 1 &2
Foundations of Evolution; Natural Selection
Modules 3 & 4
Using Fossils & Morphology as Scientific Evidence
Modules 5 & 6
Phylogenetic Trees and
DNA Sequences
What can fossils and DNA evidence tell us about biodiversity and evolution of species?
The Need to Know Question
Examine several types of evidence and then produce a scientific poster that explains and supports your hypothesis about the evolutionary history of killer whales.
The Project
Modules 7-9
Completion of the Orca Challenge
How do we define a species?
NOAA video
Taxonomy - LIfe's filing system
What are Ecosystem Services
Dog Biodiversity
Natural Selection Simulation
Video on resistance and mutation
Questions for Experts Discussion
Greg Wilson Unearthing Mysteries Video
Fossil Dating simulation
Identify and Sort Micro Fossils
First Orca Challenge Clues
Team Past and Team Present
Natural Selection Quiz
How to make a cladogram
Understand phylogenetic trees
Evolution of birds exercise
Transitional organisms
Video- Unlocking the Secrets of Whale DNA
DNA sequencing with BOLD database
Teams Past and Present unite!
Design a Whale phylogenetic tree
What is the Whale species status?
Review your findings with experts
Create a scientific poster
To complete this project you will learn about biodiversity and how individual variations and natural selection lead to changes in a population. You'll examine fossils, explore simulations, look at DNA evidence and draw evolutionary trees.
Why Care?
Climate change and other human impacts are threatening many species on Earth. Biodiversity is important for the long term
of human beings. Evolution helps us understand the uniqueness of organisms and shows us how species responded to environmental changes in the past. Evolutionary theory helps us make sense of the amazing world of biology.

This unit might spark your interest in becoming a dinosaur hunter, or wildlife geneticist.
Let's get started with solving our biological mystery: how did whales evolve?
You have worked as an evolutionary biologist; combining evidence from different teams, and consulting with peer and experts. Share your hypothesis and poster with your class and community.
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