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Copy of humanities

No description

Jean-Luc Botbyl

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of humanities

Aristarchus Aristarchus was the first to suggest that the sun was the center of the universe Ancient Greek Astronomy Aristarchus also thought that the universe was greater and bigger than previously thought Archimedes said that Aristarchus's hypothesis was that the Earth revolved in a circle around the sun which was fixed in place Hipparchus "the greatest astronomer of ancient times" Hipparchus named over 850 different stars He included all these stars in his star catalogue, the first ever Hipparchus was the first to discover the approximate distance between the sun and the moon. He predicted the time of the solar and lunar eclipses. Erastosthmes Erastothemes was the firt to figure out the size of the Earth. He used the scrolls of thee philosopher Philolous to accomplish this. Tools The ancient Greeks were the first to use star charts. They created telescopes to observe the stars and planets. HELLO Hi Ptolmey Aristarchus
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