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Air Pollution

No description

Gabriel Noriega

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Air Pollution

What is Air Pollution? Air pollution is the introduction to the atmosphere of chemicals that cause
disease, death to humans, damage living organisms and the natural environment or 
built environment. Combustion Engine
Power Lines
Fertilizer Dust
Mining Operations
Mills and Plants

In this presentation we are going to talk about
the air pollution, its causes and effects. Also about some reduction efforts and some charts of the world. Introduction Air Pollution By:
Gabriel Noriega
Cristian Contreras
Diego Cornejo
Franco Callirgos Causes of Air Pollution Consequences of Air Pollution Some consequences of air pollutions are health problems like:
Cardiovascular problems
Respiratory problems Regulations Many people wanted to stop global warming so they decided to fly and drive less.
Also the governments started to help and they signed the “Kyoto Protocol”.
Reduction Efforts There are several control technologies and land use planning strategies to reduce air pollution.

Efforts to reduce pollution from
mobile sources includes primary,
increased fuel efficiency,
conversion to cleaner fuels.

Also there are some Control
Devices that can help remove
contaminants from an exhaust
stream before it is emitted into the

Environmental Impact Along with harming human health, air pollution can cause a variety of environmental effects:
Acid rain
Ozone depletion.
Crop and forest damage
Global climate change
10 Most Air Polluted Cities 1. Ahwaz, Iran
2. Ulan Bator, Mongolia
3. Sanadaj, Iran
4. Ludhiana, India
5. Quetta, Pakistan

6. Kermanshah, Iran
7. Peshawar, Pakistan
8. Gaberone, Botswana
9. Yasouj, Iran
10. Kanpor, India Air Pollution Conclusions We get as a conclusion that we need to start reducing our high level of contamination because is damaging the world, the ozone layer. We could use some simple steps like this to reduce them:

-Saving energy around the houses.
-Manage your heating and cooling.
-Reduce the amount of household waste you produce.
-Reduce the amount of time you spend in the car. Use public transportation whenever you can. For shorter distances, walk or ride a bike.
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