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Roman Arch

Sarah Kilmon January 2012 Latin 4, Final Project.

Sarah Kilmon

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of Roman Arch

The Roman Arch The Roman arch was used in the building of aqueducts Wedged stones make it possible to create rounded doorways by Sarah Kilmon This is called a false arch the rounded arch was more stable than previous arch types, like the triangle arch "Skill, not mortar, joins ton upon ton of granite blocks" arch was semicircular because of percision needed To constuct, romans used timbers to support climbing height until the keystone was placed The keystone is the final stone that locked the arch together Famous buildings with the arches... Arch of Constantine The Collosseum keystone holds arch together, final piece placed extrados outside of arch wedge shaped locks that are held firmly together to prevent slipping voussiors impost straight up and down stones of doorway intrados inside of arch rise rise of arch (measurement) clear span width of doorway/archway abutment wall around archway Vossoir wedge shaped peice that contructs arch The END
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