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French-English Relations: Conscription Crisis 1917

In this lesson we're learning about the Conscription Crisis of 1917 which bitterly divided French and English Canadians.

Travis Bishop

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of French-English Relations: Conscription Crisis 1917

The Conscription Crisis: 1917 In 1917, Canada had already sent 500,000 men overseas.

The Entente thought the war would last until 1920. Prime Minister Robert Borden promised if he was re-elected he would enact conscription.

The majority of Canadians were English and supported conscription. Reasons French Canadians Opposed Conscription

-At the time Ontario was trying to abolish teaching French in schools

-They felt it was a British war, and felt no ties to Old France

-At first, they weren’t wanted!

Militia Minister, Sam Hughs, refused to allow French-Canadians to form units and said “French officers are not fit to command” French-Canadians Did Not. The war ended in 1918, very few conscripts were actually sent overseas. It was hardly worth the trouble it caused.
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