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Catherine the Great

No description

sanaa shipman

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Catherine the Great

The great death in history with Catherine II
Sanaa Shipman
its not over yet
so what she did was keep up on high alert so he was strolling around the house and he went to the garden and saw his ex wife head on a stick and he got on one knee and cry " for my life i will have revenge " so at the time she found out she was pregnant he was happy at the time so what he did did is wait for the right moment to strike
chapter 3
so u know the girl that she kill at guillotine keep her in your head. hint hint
chapter 1
One day there was a girl name Catherine she was a mean little girl and she hated her father and she love her mother kinda she hated when they fight
18 years ago
what happen was her husband had choose and she wanted to be choose for someone else her true love but when they had got marry she invite her true love and right when she got marry she see her true love kissing someone else arms she was so mad so after the wedding she talk to him and he said was his wife he was kissing on . so then they was talking who they love the most when they was young and they both said you . so everybody left and he said "i knew he love u and u love him to i did this for another girl who ask me to do this for 5,000,000 pieces of gold so i said yes but then i fell deeply in love with you so i said if u want to work it out i would be okay with that".so later she was pregnant and when her husband found he was so mad he tried to kill he baby he tried to push down the stairs and stab her but she out think him. everyday had always been a awkward days for them so one day at 12:00 he left and went her true love wife and had a affair with her at 1:00 she found out and grab sword and went to her house and slice her neck off and brutally stab her until she was tired when he heard the guts splatter and woke up he tried to get up but she said " if you get up i will cut you up " they eight months she had Catherine he tired to kill her but every time he tried he get slice

SHE FATHER HAD PAST RIGHT BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY AND HER MOTHER TOLD HER WHO EVER TRIED TO RUIN HER RELATIONSHIP KILL THEm AND WHEN SHE WAS WALKING TO HEr ROOM SHE SEE a PERSON had KILLED HER MOTHER IN HER FACE. and IT WAS A GIRL . SHE RAN AFTER HER AND JUMP AND CAUGHT HER. as she caught she said " gaurd come and get this girl and take her to the guillotine and call a metting " when she got there she torture the girl and as the she was going to cut her head off the girl scream " i got revenge for my mother she was kill in the bed lay with your father now i will serve my death now my mother is now revenge " then slice her head off nice and clean
eight days later she is now search for the love of her
life through out the time she found a few but they don't spark the match then one day she saw this dude he was form russia so she left her country and marry him but he had 21 other wives so she was mad that she can't have him for her self so then she took over russia and over thew the king and kill him and his wives ever person she killed she put they heads on a stick and stick it in the ground in the garden then she meet another person but she saw another girl on top of him so she cut her neck and as for him she stick a stick up his butt and light up him on fire and burn his house down
chapter 2
so when she went back to her kingdom and she saw a dude name peter . she is 19 at the time and peter is 36 at the time and he went over there and introduce his self and then they got connected and in the next month after that they got marry he said" this second best day of my life " she said " sorry what " turns out he had been marry but his wife has been killed by a queen cause she wanted to revenge her mother she felt bad and scare so
8 months later
at the time she just had her baby and he took the baby and left her in they morning she she search for her forever and he knew he was missing to then she said" he took her but why" huh" the garden she look out side the head have not truns into bones " so she knew where he was at she rode to the house that the girl live in and she said " where is our baby " he said" she is in my hands see" he was smothering her" let her go"she said "ok" he said and thew her out the door and she caught her and the horse had bite the basket and run off with the baby in the basket and he said "you killed the girl i love before you now you pay " they fought to the death and as he trip she stab him and cut his neck off and went home he stick his head on a stick and left it in the garden
18 years later
she turn 18 and through out the years was never go to the garden and the guard never talk about her father so she was ready to rule but she wanted to know adout her father so she went to the villageand a old lady she talk to she the old lady said " you must be thenext person to rule what is your name " rachel she said nice to meet u said the old lady do you know your father said the old lady no i got to go can we talk about it towmorrow said the girl sure said the old lady . the next week they been talking about every time she got more angry bye the second so she made a plan to kill her mother and then the day she was going to kill her mother she went to the garden and she saw her father face she started crying and said i will revenge you late at night her mom was sick mom call me to get her water and at the time she poison the water and as she died in front of her her mom cry and the daughter started talking about her father and what the mom was going to denied but it was true and as she died the daughter started crying but she cut her head off and put her head on the stick and stick it in the ground in the garden and she was a great ruller and a great wife and had a boy and a girl and live happy ever after so you thought?
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