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Mon Cheri

Product Knowledge (Look Book)

devon toombs

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Mon Cheri

These colors can be worn as a color blocking pallet. Nowadays nothing has to match so mix-matching the colors with a neutral color blazer, slacks or main item will add to the tasteful look of elegance. Yet, since the business woman is high in fashion it will confirm her style of dress as a fashion icon. Accessories Brief Case Tote Mary Jane We carry classic Brief Case Totes for the working woman. These come in a variety of colors and sizes. We also have classic Mary Jane heels in multiple colors which are very versatile with a business suit and skirt. This season, we've provided a unique style shoe to place emphasis on the Brocade and Tweed trend. Color Mon Cheri Brocade is the look that is trending all over the runways. This ageless pattern is great to dress up your style. You could either have a touch of this pattern on a jacket or go bold with a full brocaded dress. Accessories such as a purse with this print could make an entire outfit as well. Trend Peplum Tweed Color Block THE LIFESTYLE OF OUR WOMAN:
Loves to travel/ mixes business with pleasure/ has large disposable income and high social status/ fashion forward moguls/ host parties/ enjoys fine dining/ embodies good taste/ drives luxury vehicles

Target Market
College educated with Degree
Residence Location
West Coast
90k Mon Cheri
There is nothing black or white about us...
Taking the plain and making it extraordinary!!! Trend Color blocking is a fun energetic trend for this fall season. Fall and winter does not have to doom your wardrobe to the darker end of the color spectrum. Catch society’s eyes with your spunky colorful side. A full dress that has color blocking is great or individual pieces such as a jacket, shirt or trouser with clashing yet stylish colors. Trend Tweed is a must have piece for this upcoming fall season. It’s not only warm but adds a nice texture to your wardrobe. You can wear this all over in a jacket or in a purse. You can switch up the look by using accent pieces like a belt or gloves. Trend Brocade Peplum has taken over the runways. This style gives the illusion of a more defined hourglass and feminine look. You can find this style in a fall trench coat, winter jacket, dress, top or form fitting skirt. With this look you are sure to turn heads. The Fall 2014 Season will be an opulent season to say at the least but one with looks appropriate for today's business woman. Brocade embellishments, color-blocking, tweed fabrics and peplum are well suited for both business and pleasure during and after work. So don't think twice that just because your all about business that fashion has to take the backseat, its all about taking what is a classic and turning heads with that extra pop of style. Seasonal Message A TRUE CLASSIC NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE
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