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Messenger (book report)

No description

Colby Line

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Messenger (book report)

Messenger Book report by: Colby Line
Book by: Lois Lowry Settings Plot Rising action Climax Falling action/resolution Forest Village Matty Seer Characters Matty is a teenage boy, I would consider him to be courageous and determined. He is the main character and his gift helps a lot throughout the story. Kira is Seer's daughter and one of Matty's best friends. She is kind and caring. Kira is the person that Matty must bring back to Village in the story. Village is the place in which Matty, Leader, and Seer live. The mood in Village varies, normally the mood would make everyone in the story calm and happy, but during trade mart the mood makes every body dark and mysterious. Village is where Matty must return Kira to. Forest is the place that surrounds Village. Forest is just what the name implies, its a forest. Many people are afraid to enter Forest. Forest is the place that Matty realizes what his gift can do. Forest is thickening which makes the mood scary.Matty must travel through Forest to get Kira and bring her to Village. The climax of the story takes place in the center of Forest. During Trade Mart a man named Mentor trades his deepest self. Matty used his gift to heal Jean's dog and puppy. Jean gives Matty the puppy but Matty doesn't know what he should name him. Matty took the puppy to Leader and Leader gave the puppy his true name, Frolic. Mentor has now become hostile and wants to close Village off from other people, so the town holds a meeting, unfortunately, Mentor gets his wish and Village will soon be closed off in a few weeks. Seer realizes that if Village gets closed off his daughter won't be able to come to live with him. So, Seer tells Matty to go through Forest and bring Kira back to him. Matty makes it through Forest and reaches Kira's village. Matty shows Kira his gift but she refuses to let him fix her crippled leg.The two people start their long trek through Forest.At first the journey is okay, but eventually the two teens get bloodied, bruised, bitten, and even poisoned by Forest. Matty and Kira stop and pretty much, well, give up. Leader can sense that the two people are in danger and he goes into Forest to save them. He also get beaten up by Forest. Leader uses his gift to talk telepathically to Matty. Leader tells Matty to use his gift. Matty, suffering from all his pain puts his hands to the ground and wills the earth to heal. Leader gets to Matty and Kira quickly as Matty heals Forest and it thins letting Leader pass through. Leader makes it to Kira and Matty but it is to late Matty has used all his strength. Just as Matty dies Leader gives him his true name, Healer. Seer is the blind man that lives with Matty. I believe that Seer is kind and gentle. Seer is important because without him, Matty would never have had to go on his journey to get Kira anyway Kira Leader Leader is a young man and is well, the leader of Village. Leader is calm and level-headed. He saves Kira and gives Matty his true name at the end of the book. Exposition In the beginning, Matty went into forest and held a frog, you probably think this is irrelevant but its not, when he put the frog back on the ground it trembled and Matty realized that as the frog trembled so did he. A man named Gatherer had been entangled by Forest that day, and when Matty reached Village he heard people keening indicating that Gatherer was dead. Theme! I noticed throughout the book that one of the themes is realization. Throughout the book Matty starts to realize that he must use his gift wisely. Authors craft! I think that Lois Lowry does an exceptional job of setting description. Example: *talking about a pond
"Once clear and cool,the water was now dark brown,clogged with dead insects,and it smelled of kinds of filth he could only guess at"
In my mind I'm just thinking EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Thanks for watching!!! Bye-bye!!! <3 :) XD o_O
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