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Francis Drake

No description

Kiley McGee

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Francis Drake

Francis Drake
By: Kiley McGee

Early Years
Francis Drake was born between 1540 and 1544 in Devonshire, England.

Francis was apprenticed to a merchant who sailed coastal waters trading goods between England and France.

Francis Drake was the oldest of 12 sons and his parents were Edmund Drake and Mary Mylwaye Drake.

Final Expeditions
In 1589, Queen Elizabeth ordered Drake to seek out and destroy any remaining ships of the Armada, and help Portuguese rebels in Lisbon fighting against the Spanish. The expedition was a disaster. Drake lost 20 ships and more than 12,000 men. Drake returned home and for the next several years, he was the mayor of Plymouth. He died of fever on January 28, 1596 and was buried in a lead coffin at sea near Portobello, Panama which divers still search for today
Life as a Privateer
By the 1560s, Francis Drake had control of his own ship, the Judith. Drake and his cousin, John Hawkins, sailed to Africa to engage in the slave trade. They then sailed to New Spain to sell their captives to settlers, an action that was against Spanish law. In 1568, Drake and Hawkins were trapped in the Mexican port of San Juan de Ulua. The two escaped, but many of their men were killed. The incident instilled in Drake a deep hatred of the Spanish crown.
Fun Facts
Drake was one of England's best explorers and one of the first English explorers to explore the Pacific Ocean. Queen Elizabeth was so happy with how great of an explorer he was and knighted him on one of his ships. While he was on his journey he found a lot of gold, cargo and silver. Because he found so much of it he had to cut one of his journeys short. He has no wife or kids.
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