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How to Win at Social Media: CALM Seminar (Nov. 08, 2014)

Advanced social media presentation prepared by OFL Communications Director Joel Duff for the CALM Toronto Training on Nov. 8, 2014. Some of the workshop content was developed in collaboration with Ethan Clarke of CampaignGears.com

OFL Communications

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of How to Win at Social Media: CALM Seminar (Nov. 08, 2014)

How to Win at Social Media
A Labour Activist's Guide to Online Organizing
Choose the
Right Tools
Things Have

Must be where your members are
Provide many ways to get involved
Don't rely on Facebook events for attendance
Don't forget those who aren't online
Use social media to enhance, but never replace face-to-face organizing
Coordinate your social media campaigning with traditional tools and tactics
The revolution may not be televised
... but it may be tweeted!
Joel Duff
Egyptian activists used Facebook and Twitter to communicate with each other, collaborate and set a date, time and location for the start of the revolution.
Activist Wael Ghonim started the Facebook page: Kullena Khaled Said ("We Are All Khaled Said") in honour of a protester was beaten to death by the police.
His page rapidly grew to over 100,000 members and he was arrested and hidden in a secret jail.
Too Fast to be Repressed
Can't use a hammer for every job, or a megaphone for every campaign
Ensure your tactics support your strategy
Tweet and they will follow
A micro blogging service that lets you send out small bursts of information to the general public.
What's a "TWEET"?
Clever insight in 140 characters. Like writing in headlines
How to Win at Twitter
Democratizing the media
Everyone can be a commentator
Tweet &
they will follow
Build a list of followers from around the world
Help make & share news
Increasingly concentrated corporate ownership of mainstream media limits perspectives and influence
Diversifies news sources
Allows interactive co-creation of the media
Enables you to create your own content and be your own media
Plug-ins and apps can also be user created
Social Media
Corporate Media
How to be
When to be Online and When to be
A new Pope is named
The Internet is people!
(Technology is just a bunch of tools)
Facebook is intended for a community of people who are already connected
Allows you to tap into your networks
Privacy settings allow you to limit access to your "friends"
Introducing new "graph search"
What is a Friend?
The definition of friendship has evolved.
Digital relationships (just like non-digtal ones) are not absolute. They are fluid.
Online friendship is better described along a spectrum defined by the actions people take and how we feel about them.
Tip 1:
Give profile to your campaign
Knowing who your friends Are
They Call it "SOCIAL" media for a reason!
What is the term "Slactivism"?
And why you should NEVER use the term
“the act of participating in obviously pointless activities as an expedient alternative to actually expending effort to fix a problem.”
- UrbanDictionary.com
Labeling this previously untapped crop of casual contributors "slacktivists" punishes them out of the gate for doing good.
As Edmund Burke said, "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."
makes people feel connected
and amplifies your message
Conversations versus broadcasts
Reply to posts
Retweet or share for others
Give props!
The Ladder of Engagement
'likes' or 'follows' a Fan Page
‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ a post
puts their own spin on shared content
reads content on friend's feed
shares content with a message of support
visits website or other resource
makes direct contact with you or your group
participates in an action or event, etc
actively recruits others to do the same
becomes an organizer and takes leadership role
The Ladder
of Engagement
3. 'likes' or 'follows' a Fan Page
2. ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ a post
1. reads content on friend's feed
5. shares content with a message of support
4. visits website or other resource
6. puts their own spin on shared content
7. makes direct contact with you or your group
8. participates in an action or event, etc
9. actively recruits others to do the same
10. becomes an organizer and takes leadership role
Some of this workshop content was originally developed in collaboration with Ethan Clarke from www.CampaignGears.com
Build a relationship and walk people up the ladder from where they are now to where they need to be.
When someone new follows you, thank them and give them a shout-out!
Thanks for the follows, @JoSny & @GilleenFace! Follow these sisters if you fighting for a better world. #CanLab #CdnPoli
"By posting something online, aren't I putting myself at risk?"
Only if you aren't sensible. Besides,you already said it into a megaphone!
Average user: 40 years old
More than a billion monthly active users
Everyone is doin' it
Nope, it's for you too
social media
just for
the kids?
The whole world is watching!
Profile vs. Page
Used by real people
Usually private
Limited to people you approve
Allow others to follow your activities and interests
The Perfect Post
Be shareworthy!
make it eyecatching, fun and inspirational
Tip 2:
Photos are Social Media
Building Labour Community
Tips for
Integrating your profiles? Don't do it!
Scheduling Posts
Make personal requests of allies
Add #fb to your tweets
Add to pages in late 2012
or with a account management software like HootSuite.com
Uploading email lists to Facebook
Tip 3: The Meme is the Message
An idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture
Use creative, funny and inspirational images to get others sharing your message.

To stay informed with the OFL,
On your cellphone...
Text the word:

(647) 496-5602
To this number:
"The revolution was on the streets. It was not on Facebook, it was not on Twitter. Those were tools to relay information, to tell people the truth about what's happening on the ground."
Wael Ghonim,
Revolution 2.0
Awareness >
Persuasion >
< Sharing
< Cooperation
< Collective
Social Media ...
what is it good for?
All experiences now take place in the context of a connected network
Understand the values, behaviours, and shared vision of the people you want to connect with
Look for ways to share, cooperate & organize collective action
3 Things to Remember
Defining the Problem:
How we #FAIL at Social Media
1. Isolate your team
2. Don't measure
your results
3. Keep communication
only one way
4. Covet BIG numbers
5. Delegate social media
only to the young
6. Micro-manage
your Tweets
(and then don't support them)
on your
Niche your knowledge
Make yourself a “go-to” person.
#OH: Breaking news
timing is everything!
old idea
add a sense of urgency
Quality over quantity
Don't be a Twitterbot
Enlist your partners
call on well connected speakers, coalition partners, etc. to use their networks
Make ‘em listen
tweet @ journalists, celebrities, politicians
& yer pals
+new spin
full court
Making your campaign better...
Using experiments can help us perfect our craft
Social media provides for instant feedback on expirements -- learn from it!
A/B Testing
Segment your lists
Don't feed the trolls
be honest,
but stay positive
a picture is worth
a thousand likes
sense of humour
(it's better to be clever than an a$$hole)
include an ask
provide a call to action
breeds engagement
800M daily users
Men: 42%
Women: 58%
Averaging 250 friends
Canadians are most active
100M daily users
Men: 36%
Women: 64%
46% use it once a day
75M daily users
Men: 46%
Women: 54%
1.2 Billion daily photo likes
Closed to friends
Social Network
Mixed medium; photos, text, video
Used to build community
Open access
Micro news blog
Primarily text-based, but photos and video can be included
Used to share news & ideas
Open access
Photo sharing
Accepted friends
Photos and short videos, but text can be included
Used to share photos and inspiring images
Used by organizations, celebrities or public figures
Anyone can 'like' and everyone can see how many likes
Organization can post as itself
I subscribe
to your page
or maybe
I voice my
interest in
your work
by posting
I share your
posts on my
profile, etc.
We exchange
messages by
each other
in posts, etc.
We connect
I explicitly
my friends
to follow your
Your wins are
my wins
because I share
your arguments
and care about
the success of
your ideas.
Adapted from Mike Arauz, 2009
The deeper you go, the more valuable your friends become.
Spectrum of Online Friendship
Keep it positive: inspiration, empowerment, amusement and excitement breed engagement and encourage sharing.
Include an image. Photo posts receive 39% higher interaction
Use simple imagery that can be viewed on mobile devices (600x600 is great).
Include an ask or a call to action!
clever in 140
Own your hashtag
Be more followed than following
Use questions, facts & figures
Use @mentions to prompt influencers
Respond within 1-2 hours, when possible.
Show your personality
Be useful to the reader
Provide a sense of urgency
Be topical
Put your own spin on it
Be concise and avoid repetition
Use the "4 u" approach
write hashtags into your tweets
Leave 20 characters for others to add comments
Only 2-3 hashtags per tweet
Follow the OFL conversation: #OFLabour
Keep it short!
Add to email signatures,
documents & collateral
Use unique hashtags only for special events
(push content, talk about yourself)
(not audience engagement)
Tailor your asks to level of engagement
Find out which message works best!
Facebook Analytics
When is the best time to post?
Bit.ly URL Shortener
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