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From OB to OD

Presentation for Dr. Brenda Fellow's OD Course at Cal Berkeley

Aaron Anderson

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of From OB to OD

From OB to OD
What matters is what you think!
What Is Organizational Behavior?
Some OB Take-Aways
The Double Interact
Weick's Sensemaking Theory & The Action Bias
Questions or Answers?
From what you know,
is it possible to predict human behavior?
Org Behavior Is...
Processing the Experiment
A Quick Change Experiment
Presentation by Aaron Anderson, Ph.D
A quick Resistance Experiment
Defining OB
Versus what you know about OD
How OB informs OD
Q & A
Anything else you wanted me to discuss?
Please Stand
Fold your arms
How Good at Change Are We?
The multi-disciplinary study of interaction among and between people where they gather...
to identify and analyze those interactions
with the intent to understand a wide array of psychosocial phenomena that can explain and predict action
It's more than just what she said he said
Social Context
Personal Identity
Salient Cues
Ongoing Projects
What else would you like to talk about?
Thus, organizational behavior, design and change depends heavily on the sense one makes about the environments within which they are embedded (Anderson, today).
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