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Horses & People : a collection of stories


Joanne Hole

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Horses & People : a collection of stories

A collection of stories Horses and People “There is always something they can add on and some children just completely change, it ’s a light bulb moment, it’s really magical” Lilias Ahmeira, founder of SHFSC Nadine Honeybone, the founder of The Autism Directory : « I’m totally sure that something happens during the horse ridding. Something linked with the physical contact and the energy. My autistic son Tommy rode several times, with the organisation “Special Horses for Special Children”, and I noticed a real improvement in his aggression. He has become more motivated. » There are plenty of incredible stories. Including the case of Rowan Isaacson, more famous as “The Horse Boy”. “Oscar the Horse who saved me from Suicide” There is research to prove why cantering on a horse helps autistic children.

For few years the organisation Special Horses for Special Children promote sensory work and horse play for children and young people struggling with learning disabilities. Click above to visit The Autism Directory This Prezi was created by TEAM read the article In Gloucestershire, Charlie Avent, a twenty years old autistic young man, tells us his story. The Autism Directory was launched in april 2010 to collect all the information in one place and help autistic families. Last summer Nadine’s involvement was recognised when she received a "Women Inspiring Women": Woman In The Community award. Nadine also provides several levels of training to make businesses aware of Autism. Thanks to The Autism Directory more than 30 companies are already “Autism-friendly” More information about The Autism Directory
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