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Term 3 Learning

For Portfolio Comments

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Term 3 Learning

What have we been learning about this term? Term 3 - OUR LEARNING use mental addition and subtraction strategies
use written addition and subtraction strategies
use place value money to swap ones for tens, tens for hundreds in addition and subtraction problems
use rounding and compensating strategies to work on addition and subtraction problems
use standard place value partitioning to work out subtraction problems. MATHS MATHS READING WRITING INQUIRY Key Competency: MANAGING SELF Key Competency:
PARTICIPATING & CONTRIBUTING Analyse and Synthesise READING Addition, Subtraction and Place Value SUCCESS CRITERIA
Summarise key facts
Find similarities and differences
Evaluate to keep in the most relevant information.
Put the new information into our own format and words such as pyramid outline, mind map.
Use graphic organisers like: (word maps, before and after web, brainstorm it - sort it, what's the big idea summary sheet, pyramid summary, character summary sheet) to show what I have learned from the text.
Use the scholastic character website to create character profiles from the text. Recounts and Character Profiles WRITING Write a recount about the mental and physical challenges we did as part of inquiry.
write about each challenge in different paragraphs.
Add detail and my feelings about the challenges. Write a character profile about a person (like my teacher, friend, athlete)
write details about what the person IS to give important information about them.
write details about what the person HAS to describe their appearance.
write details about what the person CAN do to show their abilities.
write details about what the person LOVES to describe their interests.
write about why I like the person to show my feelings about them. HOW DO I FIND THE CHAMPION WITHIN? INQUIRY set goals to achieve my personal goals in physical challenges like the 12 minute run.
work as part of a team to solve mental challenges e.g. the square test, 5 squares to 3.
Learn the lyrics and dance moves to 'MOVE YOUR BODY' to perform as a class.
Research about the OLYMPICS and ATHLETICS.
Describe how Valerie Adams found the champion within.
Reflect on the challenges I have faced each week by completing my individual progress chart. Key Competency: MANAGING SELF What have we done this term to manage ourselves?
setting goals each week for our fitness testing on individual progress chart.
by getting back to class on time (after the bell)
by managing ourselves on the mat in our groups to get group points.
by doing our independent follow-up activities well and staying on task.
Taking care of our equipment, like laptops and stationery in our classroom.
Key Competency: RELATING TO OTHERS What have we done this term to show that we have been relating to others? - Olympics / Challenges?
Helping others in our inquiry group to achieve our goals like the mental challenges and Move Your Body dance.
Taking care of junior student from Room 4 in the Olympic Games day.
Key Competency:
Participating and Contributing What have we done this term to show that we have been participating and contributing?
Move Your Body dance and lyrics
Mental challenges with my group
Working as a group
Participating in sports activities like Olympic games day, Taekwon-Do, Badminton, Football, Move Your Body and lunch time sports.
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