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The Yellow River Valley Civilization, By: Franky Mullin

A prezi on the anchient Yellow river valley civilization

Franky Mullin

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Yellow River Valley Civilization, By: Franky Mullin

The Yellow River Valley Civilization
By: Franky Mullin The Government of the Yellow river valley civilization The yellow river valley civilization was composed of rulers, called emperors.

The emperors ruled over this area until they passed and a new emperor from there dynasty would step in Cities The Religions of that time focused around the belief of Polytheism, which is the belief of many gods/goddess.
Many forms of religions, still not defined until later years. Religions Art flourished in this time with many different art forms.

Ancient religion and tradition played a big role in the various of art from pottery to paintings. Art Writing The social structure of this civilization were based on gender and royal statues.
The philosophies of Confucius played a big part in determining your role in the social ladder. Social Structures The main dynasties of the Yellow River valley
civilization were the Zhou, Qin, and the Han. Some of the major things these Dynasties did was watch over city- states and keep control of there land. In the Yellow River Valley Civilization, some of the main cities are, Beijing and Tunhuang.
Cities were ruled by certain emperors. Certain cities, like Beijing are still around today.
Certain emperors of the times controlled certain cities, like after the Zhou, the civilization got more land, and when the Han was in power the size almost increased 10 fold. Many forms of this Polytheism are from older villages and ancient drawings/writings, also teachings and writings of Buddha and Confucius were very important to the religions of the time.
Tradition is very big in this civilization, religions usually revolve around these ancient traditions. Religions such as Buddhism, played a huge role in influencing the various forms of pottery and paintings of main philosopher Siddhartha Gautama.
Paintings and other art relics have survived through all this time and are prized and extremely valuable. The writing in this time was mainly by scribes, or the very rich who could learn how to write.
They kept track of events occurring at that time and wrote literature. They created a universal language of Mandarin chinese to take place of ancient writing.
Many different writings of Confucius still used today from documents from this time, and Mandarin Chinese is the most known spoken/written language in the world. Traditionally, the order of social structure went, the royal family on top, then families who worked for the royal family , and then the peasants.
In this time, Men were more higher than women, due to the fact they were stronger and can do more manual labor. The End
Hope you enjoyed this Mrs. Higgins :)
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