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The Poisonwood Bible IOP

English Literature HL, ISP

Paula Cortes

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Poisonwood Bible IOP

Orleanna and Ruth
May: Mother-Daughter Paula Cortés Thesis Symbols: Ruth May's Death Symbols in Organization Organization Activity: Guilt and Forgiveness Orleanna's Character
Development Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible sheds light on and explores the complex mother-daughter bond that Orleanna and Ruth May share, through symbolism and organization of the text, which ultimately aids the audience in understanding Orleanna’s character development. •"Move on. Walk forward into the light" p.543

•"She can feel the touch... as if he were lapping from her hand"p.6
•"The wooden animal in your pocket will soothe your fingers, which are simply looking for something to touch"p.543 -Paradoxical comfort from daughter to mother

-Character arc

-Significance: losing that part which made her a mother •"Two red puncture wounds stood out... as small and tidy as punctuation marks at the end of a sentence none of us could read" p.364

•"Her bluish face creased... [death's] sky-blue mouth... a sky-blue presentiment" p.365 • Titles: "The Things We Carried" and "The Eyes in the Trees"

-recurrent themes (light, guilt, touch, forgiveness, description of nature, mother/childhood) 2. "I want you to stop stroking my inner arms at night with your fingertips. Stop whispering. I’ll live or die in the strength of your judgment...” 1. "If you feel a gnawing at your bones, that is only yourself, hungry" 3. A mother cries for what she remembers... the precious infant harvested already by time...innocence, the untouched kingdom the great leader slain the great empty hole shaped like a child growing large and becoming grand" Thank you!
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