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Unit 45- Task 3 Launch

No description

Rose Worsley

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Unit 45- Task 3 Launch

Task 3
P3- Present one complex piece of work and as an example to demonstrate the use of resources within own studies
M2- Explain the value of three different resources in the preparation of the complex piece of work
D1- Evaluate the three resources in terms of validity

In order to achieve D1 you need to evaluate the validity of the three resources explained in M2.

You need to look critically at these resources and ask yourself questions such as-
Who is the author?
Who was the intended resource?
How credible/believable is the resource?
Was it accurate?
Was it easy to understand?
Are there references? Can you find the same information in another place?
To achieve P3 you need to annotate your complex piece of work to show what resources you used to create it. You will also need to bring notes to your discussion that talk about why you choose these resources, how you used them and how they contributed to the work.

You need to include 5 different resources.

To achieve M2 you need to explain the value of three of the resources you presented for P3.

You need to expand upon the points you made in P3 about the value of three resources, explaining their use and assess how they contributed to the assignment preparation and completion.

You will talk about this in the discussion but it should also be included in your notes.
Unit 45- Task 3 Launch
In Unit 7 or 8 (Psychological/Sociological Perspectives), you conducted and wrote extensive pieces of work that required detailed research and extensive writing.

You will need this work before you can do this task. You will be participating in a small group discussion in order to complete this task. You will also write notes to bring to the discussion.
You discussion will be assessed as well as your notes. You will need to upload a coy of your complex piece of work (including the annotations for P3) and the notes you wrote to help you in the discussion.
The deadline is Wednesday 10th February.
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