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My life

No description

Carolina Ivars

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of My life

The story of My life
I started traveling when I was 1 year old, I went to Argentina, where I met my family.
Since this first trip there I went every year to spend the December holidays with my family there. I do not really know which is the cold, as the colder months in Spain are the most hot in Argentina, and I start the year with summer just so I can say that I have 3 summers in 1 year.
I think I have a very big family, and not only in Spain and Argentina. I have family in Russia, Mexico and France too. But I don't know anything about some of them, and I can't see all my family every year, so I enjoy every moment with them.
Hello!! I'm Carolina, and I'm 15 years old. When I was born I weighed 3,400 kg Iived with my parents, my grandmother and a cat called "Michi" in Benetusser, but when I was 2 months my parents bought a house with garden in Picassent, because they wanted that I grow up in contact with nature and not closed in a flat.
In the new year we have a family tradition, each year there are different topics and we have to dress up. This year we celebrate my 15th Birthday, because in Argentina is a typical party.
The 24th of December, like my family is Christian, we have to go to the church and after we do a familiar dinner on my grandmother house. At 00.00 am everyone set off fireworks and shout to the neighbours happy christmas.
The 25th of December we celebrate Christmas on the family chalet. After the lunch we wait to Santa (my uncle dress up, for not disappoint the childhood of the most little) and we open the gifts. Later we spent the whole day with the family, in the swimming-pool and playing games.
One day, a client of my mother give us a dog, her name was Tula, and she has got 8 puppies. We give away everyone except 2 (both had names of pharaohs, Ramses and Abu) and the mother. I think it was at this moment when I started liking animals.
Now, my dog Ramses is not with us, and I'm very sad for this because he was like the brother that I never had. But I had another dog, Fosca, she is 1 year, weigh roughly 50Kg and she loves the water, run and jump on the people like as a greeting.
I have different hobbies:
- Meet the family - Meet my friends
- Swimm - Ride horse - Skating
- Practice my aim with weapons.
when I go to the countryside of some relatives of Argentina, my cousin and i always bring out the riffle and the bow and some objectives to which point and shoot.
1 month
1 year
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