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The Contributions of Native and African Canadians to WWI

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Gerald Bostock

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The Contributions of Native and African Canadians to WWI

The Contribution
of Native and
African Canadians
to WWI African-Canadian
Contributions Native Contribution Native and African Canadians
Before and After the War What this did for the future of
African Canadians in warfare About the No. 2 Construction Battalion Leading up the Creation of the No.2 Construction Battalion Why Enlist? Native Battalions -Enlisting wasn't compulsory

-Loyalty to England as opposed
to Canada

-Valued the "Warrior" Blackfoot Saying:
"It is better for a man to be killed in battle than to die of old age or sickness." didn't -3,500 Native men enlisted

-500 Native men made up
the 107th battalion

- Company D of the 114th
battalion was comprised of
Iroquois men Native Canadians in the Home -government started to lease reserve land to non aboriginal farmers, and didn’t ask Aboriginals

-donated at least $44 000 to the military fund

-Native women helped as nurses

-there was lots of propaganda and
discrimination against natives Native Canadians Post-War -Were not given same post war benefits as other soldiers

-Hope that they would be treated better which was not the case

-Many soldiers spoke out against their treatment

-League founded - wanted to improve conditions on reserves African Canadians in the Home -turned away at recruitment offices

-wrote letter to protest black people not being able
to enlist

-very involved in World War 1

-racism was still a big problem

-Lieutenant-Colonel George W Fowler said: “I have been fortunate to have
secured a very fine class of recruits
and I did not think it fair to these men
that they should have to mingle with
Negroes” African Canadians Post-War -created No.2 Construction battalion in 1906

-weren't allowed to fight, but they dug
shelters and trenches

-1939-1945 was when black canadians were
accepted into WW1 -Lieutenant-Colonel George
W. Fowler On the Home Front -Agriculture



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