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Issy & Poppy

No description

Manor Prep

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of Issy & Poppy

By Poppy Procter & Issy Insley

How they celebrate?
* Christians in China celebrate by lighting their houses with paper lanterns to make their houses look beautiful.
Christmas Trees
* Chinese people call Christmas trees 'trees of light'.
* They decorate it with paper chains, lanterns and paper flowers.
Chinese New Year
* Many people in China do not celebrate Christmas.
* The main winter festival is Chinese New Year, which takes place in January.
* Chinese people worship their ancestors during Chinese New Year
* 'Sheng Dan Kuai Le' means Merry Christmas in Chinese.
Merry Christmas
* Only about one percent of Chinese people are christians, so most people know very little about Christmas.
Thank You for listening to our presentation
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