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The College Application Process:

No description

Kristen Mancini

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of The College Application Process:

The College Application Process:
Senior Year Overview
We are Here to Help
Ms. Heather Jaffe,
Mr. Tom Feliciotto
Mrs. Kristen Mancini
Mr. Timothy Mahon
Ms. Juliet Powers
Mr. Nick Ruotolo
Mrs. Danielle Schulman
Ms. Samantha Chu
May 1st is the National Deposit Deadline
Seniors: Meet with Counselors
Topics discussed may include:
What is Naviance?www.connection.naviance.com/carmel
College search with parameters (by major, by location, by school size, by activities/sports, by competitiveness)
Admissions requirements and statistics for schools
Scattergram displaying CHS students who have applied in the last 5 years
Schedule of College Reps visits to CHS
Students use to request transcript and teacher recommendations
Scholarship list
Career Inventory
Resume builder
Parents have separate accounts from students; registered users receive e-mail communications from Guidance
Seniors & Families: College Visits
CHS strongly encourages visiting a campus when possible
Up to three (3) excused absences for a visit with documentation
CHS Hosts College Representatives
List of upcoming visits in Naviance
Auto e-mail notification/reminder when school is in "Thinking About" list
Fall College Fairs
Thursday, September 14th, 6-8pm
SUNY College Fair @ New Paltz (Athletic Ctr) *ONLY SUNY Schools*
Monday, September 18th, 6:30-8 pm
NYCA College Fair @ Arlington HS
Tuesday, October 10th, 6-8 pm
College Fair @ Dutchess Community College (Falcon Hall)
Sunday, October 15th, 1-4 pm
STEM College Fair @ Javits Center NYC
Monday, Oct. 16th, 5-8:30 pm
Danbury College Fair @ Danbury Mall
Tuesday, Oct. 17th 7-9pm
Rockland County Fair @ Rockland Community College
Wednesday, Oct. 18th 6:30-9pm
So. Westchester College Fair @ Westchester County Center, White Plains
Thursday, Oct. 19th 6:30-9 pm
Northern Westchester College Fair @ Yorktown High School
Wednesday, Nov. 1st 6:30-8 pm
College Fair @ Newburgh Free Academy

Mrs. Burke,

Transcript Coordinator
Ms. Liso,

Administrative Assistant
This is the date that your son/daughter needs to deposit at THE ONE institution she will attend in the fall
Review of Transcript (Credits, GPA, Diploma Type)
Review Standardized Testing (ACT/SAT) discuss retake as appropriate
Review and finalize college list
Reach? Target? Safety? Financial Safety?
Counselor Letter of Recommendation
If requested by student, he/she must complete "Senior Autobiography" packet by Oct 6th
Discussion re: which (2) teachers student will ask to write letters of recommendation
For Athletes
) NCAA Clearinghouse www.eligibilitycenter.org
College Essay and Supplemental Essay(s)
Informing counselor of intent to apply Early Action/Decision by October 6th
CHS Counselors strongly recommend all applications are complete by Thanksgiving
Sample Scattergram

Displays Admits, Denials & Waitlisted students from CHS along with an individual student's profile (GPA & SATs).

Standardized Testing
SAT (Reasoning Test)
College Admission Test: Reading, Writing and Math
Writing Test is now optional (50 min extra)
SAT Subject Tests
1 hour-long, content-based tests that allow students to showcase achievement in specific subject areas where they excel
College Admission Test: English, Math, Reading and Science
Writing Test is optional (40 min extra)
SAT Test/SAT Subject Test Dates:
October 7th

November 4th

December 2nd

Register at www.sat.org/register
(Students are responsible for having their scores sent to colleges)

ACT Test Dates:
October 28th
December 9th
Register at www.ACTstudent.org
(Students are responsible for having their scores sent to colleges)

My student applied to some colleges and submitted test scores.....What are our next steps?
Match your Common App to Naviance
click Match
If you did not apply using Common App, just click "not needed"
Request a Transcript in Naviance
Select Application Type for each college and mark that you have applied and wish to request a transcript
What about
Financial Aid?
Plan to attend Financial Aid Night
(OCT. 16th 7:00 pm- Casey Hall)
FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid:
To be completed after Oct. 1st, 2017
FSA ID: Electronic signature for your FAFSA:
both student & parent need (www.fsaid.ed.gov)

TAP & Excelsior:
NY program for students attending a school in NY (public & private for TAP, SUNY for Excelsior)
Additional financial aid application required by some schools (not a free application), may need to be completed in the fall.
Helpful Scholarship Websites:
www.fastweb.com, www.scholarships.com

What about all the different terms in college admissions?
Early Decision (ED) –
Earlier application deadline, earlier admissions decision, yet

if accepted.

Early Action (EA) –
Earlier application deadline, earlier admissions decision, most are not binding.

Regular Admissions –
College or university has a set admissions deadline and a set date to mail decisions.

Rolling Admissions –
May have a fixed deadline; Once a student has applied with all paperwork received by college, an admissions decision is made shortly thereafter.

Waitlisted –
Colleges may put a student on the waiting list if the student meets the admissions requirements, but the college has already accepted the maximum number of applicants. The student will be offered a place only if space becomes made available.

Score Choice –
pertains to SAT/ACT policy in which a student can choose which test date(s) to send to colleges.

Test Optional School –
School does not require student to submit SAT/ACT scores as part of application www.fairtest.org

The Common Application –
A common, standardized first-year application form for use when applying to any member college or institution who may participate or use Common App. There are over 400 colleges/universities that use Common App.

How are
SAT and ACT scores
sent to colleges?
Send score reports at any time from your student's “My SAT” account.
The time frames for score delivery varies between institutions. An additional week may be needed for the score recipients to process your scores once they receive them.
There is a fee for sending score reports ($12/school) starting ten days after the test date.
Official SAT scores MUST be sent directly from The College Board: www.collegeboard.org
Students can have ACT scores sent to colleges after testing ($12/school)
Requests are processed AFTER tests have been scored
Official ACT scores MUST be sent directly from The ACT: www.actstudent.org
You can get your FSA ID today!
visit: www.fsaid.ed.gov
and click "create an FSA ID"

1 Parent needs an FSA ID.
Students also need an FSA ID
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