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The effects of Hades in modern culture

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Nikhil Karose

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The effects of Hades in modern culture

The Effects of Hades in Modern Culture
In modern culture the name Hades could also refer to the devil due to false belief Hates is similar to the devil.Hades also lives in the Underworld, which also is believed to be called hell in modern culture.Also Underworld can be referred to as a suspicious place where criminal activities take place. Hades is also known as Pluto. Pluto being a small, dark, cold dwarf planet represent the Underworld which is believed to be dark, cold, and small.
About Hades
Hades is the oldest son of Cronus and Rhea, and the brother of Poseidon and Zeus.He is the king of the Underworld.
Hades in the modern culture is referenced as hell.In the religion Christianity hell is where Hades ruled, also known as the devil. Sometimes hell was called Hades.

In the t.v show "Smallville" there is a character called "Darkseid" who was also referenced as Lucifer, or Hades. This is a reference to Hades because "Darkseid" is a evil and dark character in the show. Hades is also a dark character in greek mythology, and is also considered evil in modern culture.
In modern culture Hades is pictured as an evil god/demon, but he is a normal god. But the modern culture assumes Hades is evil due to him being the god of the underworld.This results in characters being named after him to be evil.
In the game "God of War" Hades is pictured as more of a monster then a god.The character in the game is supposed to be a dark character. In the game Hades looks like a demon with a helmet, and spikes coming out of his body.This is an example of how Hades is symbolized as a evil demon god in modern culture. Even though Hades is not a demon, but looks like an normal human.
God of War
In the movie Hercules the character Hades is represented as an evil villain that wants to rule the universe. Hades in the movie has a more sinister appearance to him then the Hades in greek mythology.Also the Hades pictured by Disney is more of a hot-tempered character instead of a scary character. The character shows how Hades in modern culture is pictured as a evil villain.
Hercules (1997)
Hades also can be pictured as an quiet, and scary, but an honorable god. He controls the souls of dead people, but he does not torturer the good, only the bad. He can also be pictured as a prison warden.
Hades can also be brought out as more of a dramatized character.
In the movie the character Hades was represented as a fast talking villain. The Hades in the movie is more hot-tempered but also to be more persuasive, or more of a hustler type of villain. This could be how Hades would look if he was in modern culture. Disney showed the exaggerated dark side of Hades to give a more evil character.
Hercules (1997)
Also referring to Hades. In the Marvel comic book the character Pluto is described as being a super villain, who is also noted as god of dead. He is vicious, and a power hungry demon that takes everyone for a enemy. This symbolizes Hades due to him being known as the king of the dead too. Also in modern culture Hades is known for being a evil god.
In this series the character Hades is represented as an honorable but also being an harsh god. His lover Maria di Angelo hints that there is a generous side to Hades. But there also stories of him tricking Persephone into staying in the Underworld as well as being a cruel father. This shows the similarities between Greek mythology and the Percy Jackson series. In Greek mythology Hades is also considered to be a mean (like kidnapping Persephone), but not evil.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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