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Belbin profiles

No description

Anna Bomersbach

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Belbin profiles

Should everybody work in the same way? Group profile
and my roles Belbin roles how to work in group efficiently? Belbin roles Do we need to have any "roles" even if as a group members we are equal? There is no team-leader! But everybody is different! To work most efficient we should divide tasks so that everyone uses their strong assets. COORDINATOR TEAMWORKER RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR SHAPER COMPLETER FINISHER SPECIALIST PLANT MONITOR EVALUATOR IMPLEMENTER Makes good use of group activities. Manipulative. Co-operative, Averts friction. Indecisive. Enterprising, Quick to explore opportunities.
Weak in follow through. Thrusting and challenging. Provocative, Aggressive. Painstaking, Conscientious.
Anxious, Reluctant to delegate. Single-minded, Professionally dedicated.
Limited in Interests. Creative, Solves difficult problems.
Loses touch with everyday realities. Discerning and Objective. Uninspiring, Skeptical. Organised, Efficient, Practical.
Slow to see new possibilities. 1. Monitor Evaluator (60%-70%)
2. Team-worker (60%-70%)
3. Plant (60%-70%)
4. Complete finisher (~50%) Team role It is the tendency to behave, contribute, and interrelate in a particular way while you are in a team

to form productive working relationships
to create balanced teams and high-performing teams
to raise self-awareness
to increase personal effectiveness
to identify talent in the workplace balanced team
efficiently used strong assets of its members
appropriate assign of tasks among team members
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