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Gun Control


Andrew McCarthy

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Gun Control

Obama's Outlook on gun control The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has just signed a bill on Monday, January 14th 2013, restricting the amount of bullets a magazine is allowed to hold. The magazine can hold a maximum of 7 bullets. The bill also included a stricter governing on the mentally ill, that have registered firearms. Gun Control New York State Gun Laws Mitt Romney is against the new gun laws that were proposed and passed. He believes that law enforcement should be stricter on the gun laws that are already in place. By: Dean Halbohn
Andrew McCarthy Barack Obama stated the he fully supports the 2nd amendment, but feels that the government should be able to regulate, restrict and require registration for every gun purchase or rented by citizens of the United States. Barack Obama dosent really touch too much on gun laws at the federal level, he leaves the gun laws and regulations to the states. Rifles and Shotguns- No permit is needed to purchase the weapons, you do not need registration on these weapons with the exception of living in New York City. You don't need a permit to carry this weapon, unless you live in New York City. You don't need a license to own these weapons, again with the exception of living in New York City. Handguns- In order to purchase, rent, or register a handgun you need a permit and license to shoot and handle any type of handguns. There is currently a 6-month waiting list in order for people to get their permits and licenses for handguns in New York State. The FBI does gun background checks monthly to see transactions of fire arms. You do need a permit to carry any concealed weapon. Mitt Romney's outlook on Gun Control Mitt Romney believes that only the automatic weapons should be banned and illegal, which they already are. Mitt Romney thinks that the gun law that was just passed in New York state is "unconstitutional". The new, New York State Gun Restriction The NRA's Outlook On New York's new gun law The NRA believes that this quick passing of the new gun law was passed very quickly and secretly because it wouldnt give them any time at all to react to the subject to form a rally or even a debate before the new law was passed. The NRA is urging all of their members to call the New York State Senate, and not to email, the president of the NRA Thomas King believes that the phone calls will go alot further then an email. He claims that the emotions people will put into these phone calls will have a bigger impact then a text document email. Will the NRA fight against this new gun law? The NRA plans to start petitioning and outraging against this newly found gun restriction right before the 2014 state elections. President of the NRA Thomas King believes that if they push this topic during the elections it will be a hot topic in legislation and things could be modified within the new gun law if they can get the right people to support them. Our opinion on the newly passed gun law We both believe that the new strict gun law is too harsh. We do believe that there should be more strict ways to purchase weapons. Background checks should be alot more strict, not only by the person purchasing the weapon, but anybody that is within its household and could easily have access to the weapon should be thoroughly background checked. Positives with this newly founded gun law This new gun law will be illegalizing any clip/ magazine to only 7 bullets. If there was a shooting of any kind with a legalized and registered weapon the damage would be limited because of the small 7 bullet clip. Ammunition is alot more expensive in the New York State area, most bullets have doubled in price because of the newly passed gun law, which will make people hesitate purchasing more bullets or even keeping their current weapon. The negatives to this newly founded gun law Now that these guns are illegal and people still want them there will now be a huge black market for unregistered firearms that will not be able to be traced if they are used. Because the state of New York wont register them they wont have the ballistic information on the unregistered firearm. Some people believe that the passing of the new, strict gun law is a violation of our constitutional rights. Since this law was passed, the state of New York clearly feels like it does not violate our constitutional rights. People are starting to question how far they can limit our constitutional rights.
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