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The Scientific Method : Slime

No description

Kelsey Lee

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of The Scientific Method : Slime

Well we were told to come up with a couple of questions. We came up with 3 main ones. They are what will the slime feel like with the borax powder, will it fall apart, and how was slime invented. then we went to step 2
Step 2 :Research your topic
We were going to research our topic but we didn't have enough time. We were just going to research the questions we told you about in step 1
Step 3 :State Your Hypothesis
We picked one main question and that was : what will happen when we add all of the stuff we needed together? Our hypothesis is if we add the things together it will create and slime and will easily fall apart.
Step 4 : Test Your Hypothesis
We put all of the steps in order and gathered all of the ingredients together. Then we did our experiment and got slime. It really didn't fall apart. it was really gooey though. We had to take notes of what happened. It was fun.
Step 5 : Analyze Your Data
Our notes were we added borax powder, glue, water, and food coloring. It made red and green slime. Part of our hypothesis was correct.The part tat was correct was that it would make slime and the part that was not correct was it didn't fall apart easily. You would really have to pull!
Step 6 : Report Your Results
We were told to write down what happened in the whole proses so this is what we wrote. After we got our partners we got to look at experiments. We chose slime because we thought it would be fun. On the day we did our experiments we were so excited. When we got to start we did what the directions told us to do and we made slime. Then we put it in a little baggy and some water in it and we made slime.
The Scientific Method : Slime
Step 1 : Ask a Question
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