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Jason and Zachary

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Jason and Zachary

Colonial Brief History
In 1620 the Mayflower landed on the shores of Massachusetts with pilgrims aboard. They named their site Plymouth after the port they left from.Their first Governor John Carver died a year later. His successor William Bradford overcame early difficulties. It even helped the colony grow and develop more successfully.

Later on, the Massachusetts colony began establishing trading posts. The Puritans were primarily farmers back then. In addition, in 1629, King Charles I decided to take actions against the Puritans. John Winthrop then helped out the Massachusetts colony and then became its governor.
Massachusetts was founded because British people wanted to have a settlement in the New World, they wanted a settlement above North Virginia Region, but it was taken, so the British went back to England discouraged. Later pilgrims were the first English people to colonize the land they called New England, but it is now called Massachusetts today. In addition, another reason they want to settle in Massachusetts is because they want to live independently to practice their religion freely in the New World.
Why It's Founded
-Pilgrims led by William Bradford (1620)
-Puritans led by John Winthrop (1630)
Massachusetts by Jason & Zachary
Type of Religion

Why Would People Want to Settle In Your Colony?
The reason why people want to settle in my colony is because here there are business opportunities and ways to grow wealthy in the New World and practice their religion freely.
Puritan-a member of a group of Protestants around in late 16Th and 17Th centuries with the Reformation of the Church of England under Elizabeth as incomplete and sought to regulate forms of worship.
Types of Economy (Business)
Types of People Living in the Colony
The types of people in Massachusetts are very religious people who couldn't express their beliefs freely in England and wanted to seek religious freedom. In other word, they had to come to the Massachusetts colony to practice their religion openly.
In Massachusetts the types of economy are Shipbuilding, Fishing, Lumber, & Iron works. These jobs are very physically demanding and have very good income.
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