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Grape Juice pH Indicator!

No description

Zahira Perez

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Grape Juice pH Indicator!

Grape Juice pH Indicator!
Lemon Juice
Milk (2%)
Johnnie Walker
pH Scale
By Taylor P., Kiana I., and Amna N.
Orange Juice
Milk- 5pH
Johnnie Walker- 6pH
Pure Water- 7pH
Bleach- 9pH
Orange Juice- 1pH
Lemon Juice- 2 pH
Actual pH- 3.5
Actual pH- 2
Actual pH- 6.6
Actual pH- 5
Actual pH- 7
Actual pH- 11
An experiment about figuring out the pH levels of household substances and whether they are acidic, neutral, or basic. Grape juice is used as an indicator to illustrate the acidity of the products.
Introduction and Hypothesis.
The purpose of this project is to see how quotidian items react when placed in an indicator to determine whether they are bases, acids, or neutral. According to Arrhenius Theory, a base has a pH higher than 7, an acid has a pH lower than seven, and a neutral substance has a pH of 7. I would expect water to be neutral, bleach and alcohol to be bases, and the rest to be acidic.
Where Would the Substances be Placed on a pH Scale?
Grape Juice
Lemon Juice
Orange Juice
Johnnie Walker
Plastic Container
Analysis and Conclusion
My hypothesis and inferences were not significantly different to the results I got from the experiment. the substance that surprised me the most was alcohol because i assumed it was a base but it turned out to be an acid. Orange juice was also less acidic than i expected. An error could have been caused by the amount of each substance i put in the juice, since they might not have been the exact amount needed.
In conclusion, more precise tools would have helped me get more accurate results but overall the experiment was successful. It showed how different substances have different levels of pH and how they can be placed in a scale based on how they react with other substances, like grape juice.




Chemistry WorkBook
The End
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