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The Twelve Apostles

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Scott Mei Wu

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles
Where Is The Twelve Apostle
and what is it?
The Twelve Apostles is located at the Great Ocean Road near Port Campbell,Victoria.
The Twelve Apostles is use to
be 9 rocks, but because of
erosion 1 fell down and now
there is only 8. The Twelve
Apostles are made of
limestone, calcarenite,
mud stone, sandstone.
Scientist says that
approximately 2cm of limes-
stone is washed away each
Facts and my hypothesis:

My hypothesis is that the twelve apostle in a few millions of years will all collapse and there will be no more twelve apostles.
Interesting Facts:
*Apostles is 20 million years old
* · At sunrise and sunset the rocks turn into colors of sandy yellow and orange under a full sun

Here is a short clip for you to watch enjoy :)

Be prepared to be amazed
What made the twelve apostle it is today and what is erosion?
Weathering and erosion wore of the rocks in the water and now there is only 8 that is what made the twelve apostles it is today, but humans did nothing to make this beautiful land mark.
Mountain ranges contain deep valleys that have been carved out by glaciers. A glacier is like a slow-moving river of ice that flows downhill, carried forwards by its huge weight.
Wind erosion
Wind erosion is when sand, rocks or stones is been blown by very strong wind.
Chemical weathering
Chemical weathering is when sand,rocks or stone is been broke down by chemical action.
Mass movement
Some rocks are broken down by chemical action, in a process called chemical weathering. The minerals they contain are changed chemically by the effects of sunlight, air, and especially water
Coastal erosion
Lucky last coastal erosion.Coastle erosion is when waves erode the base of cliffs, undermining them and making them collapse. This can create coastal features such as the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia which is what we are talking about.
What is erosion?
Erosion happens when running water,wind,waves or glaciers pick up stuff like dirt and rocks from Earth surface and also when fragments move.Another cause for erosion is when living things are walking on land, actually scientists say that this the most common erosion. There are five types of erosion.

Here what's happen to the twelve
apostles because of erosion
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