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Copy of Copy of Ancient Rome

a presentation on Ancient Rome

Robert Prescott

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome
Rome was founded on a peninsula(just like Greece)
Why were cities built on hilltops?
To defend them better.
It started near the Tiber River,which ran though the Italian Peninsula
The peninsula had arible land, or land suited for farming
The peninsula was surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Adriatic Sea
The city of Rome is in a region called Latium. This place had many volcanoes, which created good farming land from the ashes that came out of them.
The Founding of Rome
Republic- a system of government
where the people vote for elected officials.
Patricians- wealthy, powerful people
Plebeians- poor people without
Tribunes- top officials of the
Plebeian assembly
Partricians made up 10% of the population
of Rome
Plebeians made up 90% of the Roman population
This is similar to American Representative Democracy
These were the representatives that Plebeians voted
for in a Republic
Twelve Tables- Rome's first
written law code
Before the Twelve Tables, people were
getting punished for breaking laws they
didn't know existed!
Aeneas fled to Latium when the Greeks attacked Troy.

This was a Government that had three parts
Checks and Balances
this was a way to keep each part of government from becoming
too powerful
Consuls(Magistrates)-two powerful people who ruled Rome, like a monarchy.

Why did they stay in office for only one year ?
to keep anyone from becoming too powerful.
Senate- a group of about 300 people who
advised the consuls and represented an oligarchy
Who had the power to VETO laws?
The tribunes
The Roman government was made up of Patricians and Plebeians.

The Patricians were the most powerful.

**But, once the Plebeians formed their own council, and elected their own officials, the Patricians were forced to change the government.
Who was the Roman poet that wrote Aenid? Virgil
In Roman mythology, two of Aeneas's descendants founded Rome
Aeneas two descendants were named Romulus and Remus
they were then thrown into a river by one of their uncles
They were saved by a wolf, who raised them until
they could live on their own
Romulus then killed Remus because they could not agree on a
place to build a city. The town he built was later called Rome.
The Roman Legion was the basic unit of the Roman army. Up to
6,000 citizens served in a legion for 20 to 25 years, and then were given
land to live on.
The Roman army had a profesional military. They used different battle tactics,
such as the legion and century. Centuries were small legions made up of about
100 men.
Rome used diplomacy to grow. After they conquered a city, they would offer
the defeated people a chance to become alllies with Rome. They would then sign a peace treaty to
ensure their alliance.
During the Second Punic War, Hannibal from Carthage used his
war elephants to lead an attack on Rome.
There were three wars, which ended with the destruction of Carthage.
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