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Clannad: My Favorite Anime


Jennifer Hively

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Clannad: My Favorite Anime

Just the best Anime in the World! Clannad is a Drama Anime, but is also in the romantic and comedy genre. It was published by Visual Arts/Key~ And belongs to the Anime Network. The story starts with the main character, He struggles from boredom, as a high school delinquent. This was caused because his mother died when he was very young,
and because of that, his father started drinking and gambling. In his senior year of High School. Anyways, this all changes one day when he meets a girl while walking to school- -A senior, like him, except she had gotten very sick her senior year, and had to repeat. And that's how it all starts. The Very First Scene! The Characters~ Main Character: Tomoyo Okasaki Although a delinquent, he changes a lot throughout the anime. Main Girl: Nagisa Furukawa Nagisa is a rather interesting character. She has always been physically weak, getting too sick to come to school for months at a time. Not to mention, being particularly shy, it has always been hard for her to be friends. So Tomoyo finding her, was a miracle. He helped her fulfill her dream: To revive the Drama Club, and put on a play of her own. Soon enough, they have succeeded. Kyou Fujibayashi and Ryou Fujibayashi This twins are like polar opposites. They are also seniors. Kyou, (long hair) is particularly protective over Ryou. She is a tough girl, but is sensitive on the inside. Also a little violent. Her sister, Ryou, is completely opposite. She is shy and sensitive, and loves to give people fortunes. She loves the "Big Dango Family" Yep, those little guys, You have to admit, they are cute! They even have a song, and it is the ending song to the first season. He loves pulling pranks on his friends,
especially his friend Sunohara. The one play she manages to put on is an unknown title, About a world where nothing happened, not even time went by. Kotomi Ichinose Tomoyo Sakagami She's the toughest girl in the whole high school. In the past, she beat up dumb guys who bothered ordinary citizens. Practicly a legend. She tries, to stop and be more like a girl. But Sunohara, convinced he can beat her will bother her and she will send him FLYING. The reason she started to be a rebel is because of her parents. They were getting a divorce. But it all changed when her brother, sick of the fighting, claimed that he would jump off a bridge into a river if they got the divorce. And he did. Thankfully, he survived, and it brought her family back together. That year they walked among the cherry trees, where the blossoms were falling, in beauty. That was the reason she came to the school, To save the beautiful cherry trees from being cut down, to become student council president. Kotomi is a legend at the high school. A pure genius, the daughter of two scientists. Kotomi has led a very sad life, When she was young, her parents had to be gone to go to America for a meeting with other scientists, Being gone during her birthday. Unfortunatly, she recieved news that their ariplane had crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, on her birthday! Her deadly weapon is the violin! She may think she plays amazingly... but it practicly kills people. A strange man came to her door that day, asking for her fathers hypothosis. He thought there was a copy. In desperation, she burned the folder that she thought was her father's thesis. That day, she promised that from then on, she'd be a good child, no longer selfish. Fuko Ibuki! My favorite Character! Not only the cutest, one of the most interesting and hystericle charries. ^^ Say hello to the biggest idiot in the entire series. But don't worry, he is loved! Youhei Sunohara He's a big ol' goof, picking fights often with Tomoyo... From the very first episode... he had been annoying her. He just believed he could beat her, because there was no way... That a girl could beat up a guy. Akio and Sanea Furukawa Just like Okasaki, he's a delinquent. Also loves going after girls.... Fuko first came into the series as a "Ghost"
On the day of the opening ceremony her freshman year, she was hit by a car. Ever since that day, she'd been in a coma. And two years later, Okasaki finds her in a random classroom, carving a Starfish. This girl is obsessed with starfish! For an invitation, she was carving lots of wooden starfish to get students to come to her sister's wedding. or an apparition of the living. Akio and Sanea, are Nagisa's parents, obviously... In the past, they had given up their dreams for Nagisa. So instead of acting and teaching, they started a bakery. Be warned... whatever you do... DO NOT EAT SANEA'S BREAD. It's been titled as inedible!!! Akio is crazy.... about baseball. And he was about acting quite a bit... He's also been turned down... A LOT. And there are many more charries... Like... Naoyuki Okasaki Tomoyo's Father. Mei Sunohara Youhei's little sister... Yukine Miyazawa The overseer of the first library, she gives much advice to the other characters. Misae Sagara The dorm mother of the boys' dorms that Sunohara stay's in. Kouko Yoshino Fuko's Older Sister Yoyuske Yoshino Kouko's husband, and Okasaki's co-worker. Clannad(the mysterious name) I have discovered it to be Irish for "Family" Its actually a huge theme for Clannad The Best Scenes~ Be warned.... There may be spoilers for some people!! .:Funny Scenes:. .:Emotional Scenes:. Warning: This is where most spoilers will be...
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