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Sustainable Travelling

No description

Linda Britte Männisalu

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Sustainable Travelling

Sustainable Travelling
Linda Britte
Eating on the way
Local and seasonal food (farmers market)
Dumpster diving
Plant based diet
More about food
Bring your own food to the plane
Avoid plastic packages (no fast food)
Carry jars and (cotton) bags with you
Also utensils and cloth napkins
Water bottle
Bamboo toothbrush and homemade tootpaste
Soap and shampoo bars
Small light towel/napkin
Vinegar and baking soda
Mooncup and period panties
"Stone" deodorant
No straw
General tips
Travel lightly

Make it about experiences

Say no to freebies

Recycle your trash, compost

Learning to live with less and to make better choices
Smoking is bad..
Not just for your healt..
But really really destructive for the planet
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