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School Factory Business Model

How we engage creative and hands-on educational places and programs with sponsors and talent.

James Carlson

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of School Factory Business Model

Communities are typically fragmented
Before community exists, learning is non-optimal
When humans are connected they teach each other as a matter of course Communities are typically fragmented
Before community exists, learning is non-optimal
When humans are connected they teach each other as a matter of course Communities are typically fragmented
Before community exists, learning is non-optimal
When humans are connected they teach each other as a matter of course Communities are typically fragmented
Before community exists, learning is non-optimal
When humans are connected they teach each other as a matter of course 2000 2010 2005 2002 May (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Give us money
Give us your talent
Give us in-kind in proportion
We'll incubate your talent in this community
They'l bring back engagement and creativity
You'll find additional talent Enhance the work result of your community manager by engaging the rest of your team with the community. How does this add value to the community manager?
I sponsor StartupWeekend -- costs me $2k and I get logo, attendance,t-shirts, pitch time
Details of marketing spiff Typical sponsorship agreement You invite your talent to engage in the activities that fulfill and actualize them as a volunteer for School Factory projects and programs. We on-board them, train them, and support their involvement. You also meet and find new talent you can engage in your mission. You get engaged talent, fed by experience with challenging ideas and real-world-changing work. Communities get new businesses, talented people, real solutions, and real learning. More American cities have places where anyone can go to launch an idea, business, or make anything. Sponsorship Pathways Community, space, city Supporting Voxeo contributes $1750 November and December of 2010, and then monthly payments of $4,000 beginning January 1, 2011 as a tax-deductible donation to the School Factory, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. These payments will be issued on the first days of each month in 2011. The total amount contributed to the School Factory by Voxeo for 2010 will be $3500, and $48,000 for 2011. Financial List and promote activities of the programs
Describe involvement as part of outbound hiring process and materials Voxeo agrees to provide a technical support resource to support GWOBorg Activities as needed. The School Factory will be responsible for notifying and coordinating scheduling and logistics with Voxeo within an appropriate lead time for resource scheduling purposes.
Voxeo, in addition to John Higgins, will find and recommend additional sponsors, individual donors, or other contributors. The School Factory will be responsible for the formal engagement and documentation of sponsor and contributor relationships (much like this Agreement.)
John Higgins fills Advisory Board seat on behalf of Voxeo and as GWOBorg founder to monitor and guide GWOBorg. John commits to serving on the Advisory Board for at least 12 months. John’s role as initial Advisory Board member includes recruiting additional Advisory Board members, participating in strategic planning and Governance activities, identifying potential program partners and sponsors, and evangelizing the program in general. People Marketing Services Voxeo receives Founding sponsorship:
Prominent branding and marketing featured in out-bound messaging and website
Exclusivity for VOIP and related technologies as defined by Voxeo’s current market space and customer focus
GWOBorg Activities will be structured to include the use of Voxeo technologies whenever possible
Continuing ‘seat’ on GWOBorg Advisory Board for the duration of financial sponsorship
Access to program metrics, documentation, registration information, and activity data
On-going access to financial information about program expenditures
Founding Sponsors are perpetually marketed and listed as part of the program regardless of their ongoing financial contribution, contingent on fulfilling one full year of financial sponsorship Marketing Give: Get: 100,000 text messages in a pool to be allocated to each program or project by request and approval of GWOB Advisory Council members. Rewrite for the ROI of this:
Reduce talent acquisition cost
Reduced talent retention cost
Enhanced talent training and development
Reduction of internal cost of community development
Reduction of marketing spend and focus marketing dollars on most active communities Financial Talent
New Talent
better talent People Services Complete access to online community where programs are managed transparently for all
Employees participating visibly in brand-enhancing activities Community Discovery Formation Launch Outreach Discovery Engagement Participation Outreach Discovery Engagement Engagement Participation We find the ideas of programs and events that need to be replicated to other communities, because they catalyze value and talent growth. We can train and develop your talent to engage with communities. Simple View Of the new public education system Expanded View Questions of readiness:
How do you assess who within the company culture is ready to engage? (sheep vs. wolves) - engage with the folks who don't realize that engagement is an option -- this helps the folks in the 2nd/3rd quartiles to help them
Activate the deactivated employee
How do we deal with unintended consequences of a person engaging with the communities--becoming too much a 'wolf' etc.
Handled through transparency in terms of teams and groups being able to view the information about what their talent is doing in the programs online
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