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WWII and the beginning of internationalism

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Jonah Cook

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of WWII and the beginning of internationalism

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin was president from 1934-1945. He was the only president to serve more than 8 years. Roosevelt was president for all but 4 months of WW2 because he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was the most influential presidents of all time.
Start of WWII
World War two started in 1939. The war started because Hitler and his German army wanted more "Living Space" which in German is Lebensraum. The Germans invaded Poland on September 1st 1939.
Internationalism is when nations or countries have more in common then they have differences. Internationalism is the making of systems or companies that are international. Like the metric system, or Mcdonalds.
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy is a Governments strategy for dealing with other nations.
Before WWII we were an Isolationist country. This means that we believed that other countries problems and wars were their own problem and that we didn't have to do anything about it.
Foreign policy then
The foreign policy before WWII followed self democracy but after WWII the Foreign policy was concern for humanity.
WWII and the beginning of internationalism
But then during WWII there was threats to peace and freedom in other countries. And decided that if we didn't do anything, it would find its way to us.
So we became Internationalists. We helped other countries when they were at war and whenever they have any sort of crisis.
Our foreign policy is still Internationalist and concern for humanity.
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