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3 Ways jefferson reduced the power of federal government

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Madison Stuttler

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of 3 Ways jefferson reduced the power of federal government

First Way
Jefferson did not want to punish the Federalists, but he did want to change their policies. To him, the federalists made the government too large and powerful. so, Jefferson reduced the power by cutting the budget of the federalists and also by reducing the federal debt.
Third Way
finally, Jefferson had tried to reduce the government roles of the people's lives. he decided to decrease the government department sizes and had cut the federal budget. after congress had approved, he reduced the army and navy sizes and also asked congress if they could repeal the unpopular whiskey tax.
sedition act
after Jefferson took office the sedition act had expired. he had hated that law and had pardoned everyone who were put in jail because of this. he also had congress restore the law that allowed foreigners become citizens after five years.
Don't worry
thankfully, Jefferson didn't get rid of all the federalists programs. he let them keep the bank of the united states which he actually had opposed before once. the federal government was also able to continue to pay all of the state debts.
in addition
in addition to all of this Jefferson had let many of the federalists keep their jobs of the government.
Second Way
Jefferson had believed in the idea that was known as "laissez faire" which meant "let alone". this idea was very different from the federalists idea for the government. Alexander Hamilton, the leader of the federalists, wanted the government to promote trade and also manufacturing.
3 Ways Jefferson reduced the power of federal government
the end
thank you for listening

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