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Guided Math

No description

Jennifer Sajovec

on 27 June 2017

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Transcript of Guided Math

Guided Math
What is Guided Math?
Guided Math is a
used to organize your math block.

It helps class run more smoothly and efficiently while helping to differentiate instruction according to student need.
Why Use Guided Math?
When a teacher tries to teach something to the entire class at the same time, chances are, one-third of the kids already know it; one-third will get it; and the remaining third won't. So two-thirds of the children are wasting their time.
To more effectively teach math, we must....
Components of a Math Block featuring Guided Math
Whole Group Instruction
Small Group Math Instruction
Independent Work
Math Stations

Guided Math Overview
9 Areas to Consider
Flexible Grouping
Managing Rotations
Whole Group Lessons
Small Group Lessons
Independent Work
Math Stations
Math Journals
Fact Fluency
Guided Math Core Components
Whole Group Lessons
Flexible Grouping
Small Group Lessons
Based on specific skills/domain from Whole Group Lesson
Math Journals
Model (as closely as you can) to your Guided Reading/centers block.
Managing Rotations
Reflection/Check In
Math Stations
reach students at all levels of achievement
provide diverse methods of learning
allow more opportunities for observation and community with and by students
encourage active engagement by students
Calculate this...
15% tip on $42.59 and then split the check 3 ways. How much do you owe?
Amount of paint need for two coats in room 36' by 15' and the cost. One gallon that covers 400 sq. ft. costs $33.98.
Which is a better deal: Peapod long grain rice $1.99 ( 32 oz) and Minute White Rice Long Grain $5.54 (42 oz,.)
What support do you need to get through these comfortably?
Empower Students!!!
Pre-Test and Post-Test
NWEA or STAR data
Common Assessments
First 20 days
Building Stamina
Rules, Rewards, Consequences
Curriculum in SIS
Textbook Series
Other: Engage NY
(great online tools)
Math Warm-Up
Fact Fluency
Skip Counting
Daily Word Problem
Math Jeopardy
Math Mentor Text
Spiral Review Activities
Practice of Current Skill
Hands-On Version of Whole Group Lessons
Target Area for Growth
Math Journals
Let's practice....
What is the standards?

Big Take Aways...
Modeled after Guided Reading
Need to build independent work stamina
Small group builds on Whole Group mini-lesson
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